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UV Sterilizer downside?


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UV Sterilizer...Downside?




My 180 has been running for 3+ years now. For the last 2 months or so, I've been bothered by a brown algae that started appearing on my rocks and substrate after adding an additional 20 pounds of substrate. My parameters are mostly fine with my nitrates just a little high.


I've got an old 15 watt Aquanetics UV sterilizer that came with a bunch of equipment I purchased when setting up the tank. I bought a new bulb for it and I'm just wondering if there is any downside to running it in my system.


I'm thinking it may assist in fighting the diatom bloom, but I don't want to risk doing anything particularly detrimental to the system. Any ideas from the pro/anti UV Sterlilizer groups?


Thanks for your help.



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The real downside to running a reef and a UV sterilizer is that your tank thrives off of the bacterias in it and your sterilizer will clear out any and all seen by it. I recommend using it for limited hours or just when things start to need it.


A UV will only kill what passes though it, which will not be much of the beneficial bacteria as most of it is benthic. A UV will kill or sterilize the pods that go through it.


Make sure to use a prefilter before the UV. You also need the appropriate amount of gallons per hour for the unit. Running to much water, or not enough is also bad.


IME they are a benefit for somethings but I don't use on unless it is on a fish propagation setup.



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Problem is that from a UV point of sight there isn't any differentiation between good and bad. It will damage or kill everything that is small. I think It can run well but really depends on your setup, so it is very difficult to tune it up to your needs. And in the process of finding the right way to use it, you could create more damage that what you want to avoid/prevent, like killing most of your "good guys". You can find a lot of informations about UV, ozone and redox in general: Calfo, Moe, Thiel for example are a good source.

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UV and Ich


Yes Uvs work aginst Ich in its free swimming form. Ich is actually a parasite that goes through stages of development like every other living thin. Once they hatch from the cycts (white spots you see on fish) they are fee swimming. This is how they are passed from fish to fish. I believe if I remember right the life cycle is like 3 weeks. Running a UV on your tank kills everything that passes through it including free swimming ich. I think it was something like runn a UV for 3 months on the infected tank to ensure complete clearing of the outbreak. depending on water temperature the cysts could take up to 2 months to hatch in colder water..... Don't quote this but I am pretty sure I am very close. Its been a long time since I had to deal with Ich. I prefer the cleaner shrimp method:D.


I did used to run a UV sterilized on my tank and every once in a while I get a wild hair and through it on for a couple of weeks. I do notice a small difference in algae growth if I am running it.

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