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What do you feed your brain?


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I feed my big lobo just about anything. He gets the little astrea starfish, chunks of clam, and he seems to really like this stuff too. So do all of my other corals and fish for that matter...





I also use the marine one too. Between the two all of my corals grab it and eat it. From zoas to chalices, frogspawn to acros and montis...

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If the brain is not interested in mysis, you might have to work up to them depending on there size.


Before I target feed my LPS, I always turn off the return pump and add a bit of cyclopleeze and wait about 10-15 minutes for the feeders to extend all the way. If you feed often the corals will get better at accepting food. If you feed at a consistent time they will be ready for you as well.


My brains will eat just about anything but usually the brains get target fed krill.



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