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news story on portland


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Ah jeez, now you guys are making me feel bad for making fun of the guy. I heard that he was a protester - protesting a fur store downtown.


While I generally think that protesting hippies would better serve society by setting themselves on fire, I guess Andy has a good point that anyone that actually does so probably has some mental issues.


I'm sure there will be further investigation. If it turns out that it was some publicity stunt gone wrong, that I will re institute my fun making. But if he did have some mental issue, than yes it is very sad (and I'm a jerk).


I'll tell you what, the person I feel sorry for regardless is the poor cop who thought she was helping and ended up pepper spraying the guy. The article says that she was taking a couple days off - clearly she's pretty upset.

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"Fire investigators said the pepper gas in no way fanned the flames and did nothing to worsen the situation, since it was water-based. Both canisters are red in color and similar in size"


Either that's a tiny fire extinguisher or that's a freakin huge pepper spray canister I'm thinking.

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Yeah the story was that this guy had been protesting a fur store in the area and had been screaming "there are animals dying" then supposedly set himself on fire and attempted to run into the fur store, probably to burn the stock, but the door to the store was locked. Ha ha that rhymed.


Funny that my paper here in Longview gave more on the story then the Portland area papers.

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I feel bad for the cop. While the pepper spray may not have fanned the flames, I wonder how many years she is going to be asking herself if the fire extinguisher would have put them out. Such a shame.


If the protesters plan was really to set a retail store on fire, we're better off without them around. He could have killed people. What happen to the peace and love part of being a hippie?



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My guess would be that this was at a burlington coat factory ( although I dont know for sure) He is probably one o the guys that stands around there throwing red paint on peoples fur coats when they leave.


I can honestly say that I love animals and I am sure that the high demand for these types of fur coats leads to the inevitable inhumane treatment of these animals which seems wrong. But there is a big difference between protesting and putting peoples lives in danger. Nope, I am sure of it he got what he had coming, especially if you're not smart enough to make sure the door is unlocked first, ha ha ha I mean you really only get one shot at something like that. And for gods sake just make a mol tov, don't make yourself into one, what is that?

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