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App recommendations for a Droid


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Here's what I'm liking currently:


Evernote: Android client for the Evernote cloud clipping/note storage service. Very useful for storing notes, lists, audio clippings, web clippings, etc.


Seesmic: Twitter client... but we've already established what you think of *that* so :-P


Tapatalk: Discussion forum client


Dolphin: Web browser with gestures, multi-touch, tabbed browsing and mediocre page rendering. I guess nothing is perfect.


Pandora: Internet radio (streaming) client


Flixster: Movie client. Very cool app, shows current and upcoming movie info, Netflix integration, IMDB hooks, etc.


Astro: File browser


Free Dictionary: A dictionary. That's free.


Google Listen: Podcast claint


Mabilo Ringtone: A crapload of ringstones. Mostly junk, but some decent ones


Mother TED: TED conference streamer


Ringdroid: Ringtone editor. Create a ringtone from any old sound file. Old Alice Cooper songs work particularly well.


Solo Light: Acoustic guitar toy.


Google Talk: Client for Google's VOIP


Touch Timer: timer app


Ultimate Stopwatch: It's the ultimate stopwatch app


GPS Speedo: low-level GPS info


DigiClock (widget): Retro clock for the desktop


CalWidget (widget): Desktop display of calendar info


Aldiko: eReader


Dockrunner: Put your Droid into media-cradle mode without the cradle


Droid Armory: World of Warcraft Armory client


Weather Widget (widget): Desktop weather info/icon

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I have a few apps thus far such as:


Advanced Task Killer (rock2)

Barcode Scanner (scratch)

Bars & Clubs (drinking)

US Citizenship test DOH! this thing is hard....glad I am not trying to pass it(yahoo)

Coin Flip DOH!

Compass (shy)

Dog Whistle

Droid Light (torch)


Portland Breweries (drinking)

Radar Now ;)

Spark (naughty)

Steamy Window(nutty)


Touch4Kids (innocent)(pacifier)

Unit Converter (bored)

Weatherbug :o

Where's My Droid DOH!


But I am always interested in new apps. which is why I am asking you guys.

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