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quick computer question


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Oh, he can afford a new one, he has this computer guy who's supposed to be an expert that is telling him all kinds of f'd up info, such as, if you cant connect to the internet, service pack 3 will make it so you can connect and what not, when in reality the problem isnt the internet, its his wireless on his laptop, but, he refuses to listen to us cause the computer guy has always given him such great deals, like, 240 bucks for a new hard drive for the laptop, installed no less......

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haha, well being a computer guy for a living, that guy is bending him over and....

anywho.... yes you can spend 50-60 for a new hd, use a program like norton ghost to clone over to new hd, or with how cheap pc's are i would just go out and get a new one, will be faster too ;)

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