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Have you guys ever used one of these?


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I just did a water change, and it could not have been any cleaner. It was so easy, and if you don't have a hose or something when you're setting up your tank, it makes it SO much easier. No more carrying bucket after bucket after bucket.


The only thing that concerns me is, it says it aerates the water when you're filling it, which de-chlorinates it. I'm a little skeptical, so I added some to the return stream as it was going in. Hopefully that will be enough to get rid of it.


Two thumbs up to this thing so far.

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Never have tried that-Even back before I had RO/DI (mid 80's) I had always used the 30 gallon brute on the dolly, add salt and then AmQuel ( to remove ammonia, chlormine-if present), add the extra heater and PH and mix it up.


Syphon it out of the tank into another 35 gal. on another dolly and then I have a 400GPH return pump for the mixed up water. The return hose has a ball valve on it to avoid massive pressure blowing everything around.


I do a 20-25 gallon water change in about 5 mins with zero spills-


For someone not able to have that gear ( or wants) this looks sweet.


Water out of my faucet is usually reading about 8-10 on my TDS meter-pretty dang good-IMO

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I have to say the reviews gave me a good chuckle, a guy had a 29 gal aquarium and said he used to spend 40 minutes to do a water change.........good stuff there.


Im kinda like Reefnjunkie, I have 2 big black 30 gallon rubbermaid trash cans, I throw the RO/DI tube in one and let her rip for 6-10 hours. Time invested so far, about 10 seconds if Im drunk.


about half way full I dump salt in knowing close to what it takes, throw a Koralia in and stir it hard with my arm for about 10 seconds, I may have all of 2 minutes invested by now.


When its full I grab the heater from my sump and throw er in there when morning Halides come on, 20 more seconds.


After 24 hours of being full now comes the time consuming part, I run a 3/4 clear tubing to the drain from a 700 gph MJ in my sump. Plug in MJ and start draining the sump. Shut off Protien skimmer, CA/Phosphate reactors and turn off return pump. This is by far the longest and hardest part and takes about 10 minutes if I actually sit there and watch.


Doing it this way its always 30 gallons by how low I have my return lines in the tank (when theyre done draining and I empty the sump its 30 gallons on the money.


Then I pull the MJ out of the sump and throw it in the new water and let er rip back into the sump while plugging everything back in return pump last after sump is almost full.


I would be seriously suprised if I spend 25 minutes on everything and I sit there and monkey around with stuff.

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I have used the python for doing the drain part of my water change. Actually, when doing freshwater tanks, I used it for all my water changes. Worked just fine. I use RO/DI into a brute for topoff and water change mix-up.


You didn't mention what you are filling up with this. Separate tub for mixing your salt?

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