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hydrometer or Refractometers


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Free hydrometer 4 ya


Looking for these. Can trade as well


I have a hydrometer that you can have-LOL


But you're a nice guy so I cant do that to you-In other words -IMO-don't do it.


Just out of curiosity, I tested my tank with the hydrometer and then with my refractometer- a difference of .2


My hydrometer is made by coralife I believe.


Anyway if you want it you can have it- in exchange for a few answers to the questions I might have when hooking up my DA Reefkeeper Elite I just picked up-LOL



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How hard is it to use?


How long does it take to figure out the refractometer to get a reading? Is it worth getting the hydrometer and just testing it with a refract every so often. Last question: Ok I have a reef keeper lite that I currently have a module for PH and salinity. It would cost @ 60 for the salinity probe around the cost of the refractometer should I do that instead?

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