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Tapatalk for Android/iPhone/Crackberry Access


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Please consider installing the Tapatalk vBulletin plugin. Installing this free mod would allow handheld mobile devices (Droids, iPhones, Blackberries, etc) to access the PNWMAS forums using the Tapatalk client -- a huge improvement over the standard web interface on a small screen.


If you are curious about the usability improvements Tapatalk provides, download the client (there's a free read-only version of the client, a $2.99 full-featured iPhone & Blackberry version, and a currently-free beta Android version) and check out Reef Central or Reef2Reef (both of those sites support Tapatalk). If you are a handheld user, I think you'll be impressed... it isn't perfect, but it's a lot better than the web interface.


I'm not affiliated with Tapatalk in any way, just a satisfied user.

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Re: Tapatalk for Android/iPhone/Crackberry Access


Just downloaded the 2.99 version for the iPhone and I like it a lot. I tried the free read only version first, liked it and then upgraded since i figure Ill use it a lot. Much easier to view threads and pics. Haven't tried to post any pics through it yet but it sounds like you can do it without photobucket.





Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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Congrats on getting a Android based phone. They rock.


Tapatalk rocks. Thanks for installing it here.




Thank you. I am stoked to get it. I forced Verizon to upgrade me to the Motorolla Droid at no charge...they tried to get me to take the HTC one but I had better idea's.

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Whens the TB-:eek:


didnt you hear? bill gates and stephen hawking collaborated and managed to make hillary clinton squeeze one out, they'll be available from everyone once they have her hooked up to a assembly line


yes, yes, i know, i have problems, just do what i do, deal with it (rock2)

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