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Interceptor - where to get it


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Where do you get your interceptor? I don't have redbugs, but rather a couple acans that are receding. I've read that interceptor helps stop it since Revive and TMPCC haven't really shown to be any help in this problem.


I know a few places online sell it and they say they need a Rx but will they ship it to me without a Rx??

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It will say Rx required, but it ships without one - just proceed through checkout. It's a bit pricey, but enough people have been posting needing it lately, that I bet people would just on splitting a pack.


Oh, and get the large dog size, since the usage guides (e.g. Melev's) uses that size when they talk about how many gallons the pill treats.

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Miles (this is not directed at you)--if you buy it anywhere and they sell it to you without a prescription, that is against the law...it is a prescription medication...unlawful to buy or obtain without a written prescription from a veterinarian...


It is not for my own financial gain that I preach this but because I am required to obey the law in all my dealings but the online retailers like PetMeds choose not to so they can make money...I don't make the laws or invent the drugs...I am just required to follow them...



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Miles the only reason I could think of why interceptor would work to stop acans from receiding would be that it killed some pods that were feeding on the acan

I mean it's not a anti fungul or antibiotic

do you think you have some hungry pods hitting your acan?

Ps I think a few of the lfs have interceptor if you call them and my vet did sell them to me I just emailed him the rc link and a photo of my tank

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Randy I agree. Its just 3 or 4 small colonies but i can't for the life of me figure out why its happening. This was just a shot in the dark if i could track down some interceptor, it certainly wouldn't hurt to try the dip.


Some people are postulating that there are small small bugs that came in on aussie acans and these bugs eat away at the flesh. I can't say i believe this at all. But these acans are receding for some reason and nobody has any clues including me.

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