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Long Spine Urchin sting


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at least its not like a porcupine sting, had one get my gf's dog a while back, that was nasty, he must of had 30 quills stuck in his face


amazing thing was, he wasnt done, he wanted to kill that porcupine so bad, it took everything i had to hold him back, an if youve ever tried to hold back a 100lb pit who's got his blood boiling, ready to kill something, you know what im talking about.


so at least the spines dont stick in you like a porcupines does lol

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I have "impaled" myself hundreds of times. They will eventually work their way out.


lol! Me too.


If you can, try to dig out as much as possible with a clean razorblade. Just make sure not to almost hack off the tip of your finger.(whistle)


It's like a gnarly splinter that you can't tweeze out.

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Oh god, oh no, man I tell you what I lose more friends every year to Urchin stings then anything else. It was nice knowing you man.


Alright so that was a little dramatic, it sure does sting though!


Your lucky this is a family friendly board.I am just walking out the door (no not to make funeral plans) I will respond to your PM when I get back.

Thanks to everyone else.

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