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Shane's (USCG CWO) Frag Tank Build


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I have been thinking about a frag tank build for a while now and having saved my pennies I am finally able to start.


The tank was built by Dave from Davey Jones Locker and is 36W x 18W x 16H made from 1/2 cast cell acrylic with a black back ond overflow. Thank you Dave the tank is awesome.


I haven't drilled the overflow or return holes as I am not sure how I am setting those up yet. I have a seaswirl, so that will play a role.


The stand I built using plain ole' pine planking and various moulding pieces. It is stained in Antique American and will have several coats of poly. The top I did in tile that was left over from when the house was built. It is removeable by sliding it out the back if I don't like it, or want a change.


The lighting is an all in one unit from Cadlights. It has a 150W 20K Radium and two antinic T-5's and moonlights. It will hang above the tank from Sunlight Supply Sunlifts. They operate like your window shades. You push up and the light goes up and stays. You pull down and let go and the light stays. I can't wait to get those up and running. It will all be suspended from a wooden frame I have yet to construct and bolt to the stand.


I know everyone likes pics so here you go. Let me know what you think and thanks for looking.













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