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Hair algae?


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While I've had plenty of different algae in my tanks since I got started with salt water, it's been mostly of the slime variety.

Any hair algae was always eaten by the snails or the emerald crabs, and it looked different (darker and more branchy).


My new tank only has some LR, snails and one emerald crab in it, and I'm noticing this lovely, bright green algae starting to pop up in little bunches here and there.

I don't see anyone eating it, and it's very slowly spreading.


Is this the dreaded green hair algae and should I start freaking out?

Or will a future fish (tang?) eat this kind later on, when I start stocking?



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Hard to say' date=' Im sure someone can chime in, I know my tangs would hammer it down, worst case pluck it with your hands and a siphon.... or pinch it out with a siphone tube. Thats how I delt with HA[/quote']


that stuff is really in there though, if its the same stuff i have. i mean, you really have to scrub that stuff to get it off, and even then, most of the time it comes right back. personally, if you could, i'd take the top layer of the rock off with it.

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Depends on the tang. I would say if you plan to add another fish of same size you should add the least aggresive of the two. I have 3 tangs and when I add smaller fish they don't seem to even care about the new fish, but a fish of similar color and size... good luck, but it depends on tank size and a veriety of things. If its a yellow tang specifically I would add him as the last fish. Mine is least aggresive till he sees something he dont like.

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