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Let's see your cool zoanthids!!!!!!!!


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I agree' date=' I love the 2nd, 4th, and 6th pic's. What would the damage be for a polyp of each please.(whistle)[/quote']


Well I could probably get you a couple polyps of $2 but I don't know....there aren't a ton there but the numbers are growing. #4, I don't know if I can either as I think the last of them have been sold to RLAForce....she might part with a couple though, and #4 I will be cutting a few more frags off of soon, probably tomorrow or so and I might be able to shoot you a frag. I was doing those for $20 for 5 polyps. I don't know what they are actually worth, maybe more due to they are quite bright and I find them very interesting.

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Here's my Zoa/Paly Collection. Im pretty selective as to what zoas/palys/LPS I put in my tank cause I consider it primarily a SPS tank.





(Ignore the aiptasia, I am still trying to figure out what I am going to do with them cause they are going right out of the middle of those Japanese Zoas)



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