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WTS-Frags (mainly sps, one chalice, a couple of zoas)


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Gauging interest in the following:


Montipora spongodes $10 for 1- 1.5" frags, 1 frag ready (spoken for), could make more


Pink with blue-green chalice $15 per frag (would be about 1x1" pieces)


Orange branching Monti (was given to me as superman, but the base didn't really color up under my T5s. Maybe it would in your tank?) $10-15


Zoas that look green bay packer-ish to me $10 for the frag

Have one frag ready, but could make more (the "ready" frag is sold)


Blue-tipped tenius $15 per frag

Pic is of the mother colony smack in the middle of the photo

(I also have tons of the zoas surrounding it, if anyone is interested!

The green, and the fire and ice kind.)


I've listed what I have frags of now, but the rest I would just cut if someone really wants it. Not enough space for extras on my frag rack! :D


Edited to add: I will be in Portland in the near future. Not sure of the exact date, but possibly Halloween, during the day, or Monday, Nov. 9th. Date could change depending on my husband's work schedule.






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Well, as I said, some of these aren't cut yet, and I won't until I know someone wants them for sure! :D

The ones that are already fragged can be picked up any time.

Did you mean you want one frag of the orange (possibly superman) monti? Or two? It's the branching kind from the pic, not an encrusting.

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