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Magnifica Anemone & Corals FS


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I have 3 Magnificas (Ritteri) and need to sell one of them. This has been in my tank for a year and a half and was in another tank for over a year before that. Many people think that these are very difficult to keep and that finding a healthy one is key to their survival, so here is a chance to obtain a very healthy specimen. I would like to get $50.00 for it.


I also have a large colony of electric green Briareum. This is similar to green star polyps but is grows on twisting/corkscrew branches. The main chunk is attached to a piece of live rock and the branches trail off of that. It is close to 12" in length and the main part is about the size of a large grapefruit. $30.00


White pom/pom Xenia 3.5" multiple stalks. $20.00


Branching frogspawn 7 heads $20.00.


Colt Coral multiple stalks 8" x 5" attached to piece of live rock. $25.00


Orange Digi frag 2" multiple branches $15.00


I can also frag pieces of the Briareum and single stalks of Xenia for $5.00.


I will consider trades for all items. Thanks for looking.






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Yeah I lost it when I moved my nano to the 120. Kinda weird really. I got some SPS frags ready to go. I got birdnests, torts, tricolors, and a couple others. When do you need to get it out of there? I should be in that area either this weekend or start of next week :)

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That anemone is nice...I take it the anemone moves alot? Being that the pic it's up on the glass towards the top of the tank. I have been eyeing new anemone's. I have a green bubble tip but my clowns prefer the Duncan's. Looks weird and I prefer them in an anemone. So I am considering one of these or a rose bubble tip (which I have always wanted) How big is it?

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Actually it does not move a lot. Ritteri's will stay put if they like where they are, up high in the tank under bright light. This one was in the same place for over a year and my other large purple base has been on the same rock since I bought it almost 3 years ago. I purposely moved this one because I put a new one in its' place and I wanted to be able to get it off the glass easily. it is about 8"-10" inches across but will get much larger if fed more often. What type of clowns do you have? Ritteri's are a natural host for percs and occs.

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I have false perc's...unfortunately. I had true's but they died when I had the velvet issue. So I used the false's to pretty much test the system before adding the more expensive one's. Then they just kinda stuck...


Well nice anemone for sure, but I am going to have to pass. I simple do not have 8 to 10 inches of free space to put him. Bummer, would have liked that one.

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