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WTT or sell Pair Gold Banded Maroon Clowns


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One is much bigger. prolly 3.5" and the smaller one about 1.5". They get along with everyone except other clowns. I had them in my reef tank for a short time, and She, the big one, chased a perc out of the tank, and beat another one to death. I recently had a bunch of fish in my frag tank (tang, butterfly, mono, dwarf angels, etc) and they all got along fine. They are very defensive of their anemones, and headbuts my hand if I mess with them. They go through all the motions as if they are going to spawn, but never have to my knowledge. I like these fish, but when I take down my frag tank they will be homeless.


I'm looking for dendros, sun coral, acros, milles, montis, acans, or? I prefer a single nice colony over a handfull of frags.

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