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Seattles report card!


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First off I tried to go to only one LFS.

-Barrier Reef Aquariums. Small store. Not much bigger then the front room at Rose City. They were having their 3rd Anniversary Sale. Doors opened at 9, I got there about 9:40.

PACKED!, absolutley packed! There must have been 30 people inside and 20 people outside. I pushed my way in to see what I could see....... everything looked happy and healthy! Didn't get anything........

When you arrived you took a number. At 10:00 when I left they were on number 9 and I saw someone with number 47!!!!


I'll go back and check them out again as it looked like a very nice and clean shop!




We drove to the east side of Seattle first. And stopped by Mac and Jack's Brewery. They are small in size but they make some great beer!! They only make 4 types Serengeti Wheat (their Hefe), African Amber, M&J IPA, and Blackcat Porter! African Amber is in my top 3! And their Porter dosen't taste of coffee like most do. Overall from top to bottom this is the best brewery we went to! Walked out with 2 fre eglasses and 2 shirts!


We then went up the road to Red Hook Brewery. Took their "tour". Which is just an excuse to sample their 5 brews and hear about their history and the process. Our tour guide Kevin was awesome. He had so much fun with it that everyone was laughing at some point! And at the end you got another sample of your choicing and a free glass! I liked their ESB and their IPA. Slim Chance is too watery and their Porter is too "coffee" or me. They do make seasonal brews and we did get to taste their 'Late Harvest', which was on sale for $15 a case! I grabbed 2 :D !!


Made it to Pike's Brewery. I had a sample tray with 6 of their chioce brews. Again not big on the real light end stuff or the Porter. They do have a couple Pale Ale and Reds that were good. My fav......... Kilt Lifter Ale! Didn't see a seasonal.


Didn't make it to Elysian. I didn't realize how close it was to Qwest Field. And we tried to go their Sunday at kickoff time of the Seahawks game. Couldn't get in as there were no availible seats. (maybe next time)


Went to the TapHouse Grill. They had 160 beers on tap! (heaven) OK little Pub/restaurant, everything was about a $1 more as they were trying to be 'better' then the other places.


Elliott Bay Brewing was next. Great burgers but nothing really grabbed me beer-wise there. But it was good not just a mind blower! Thou their Pumkin Ale (seasonal) was really different tasting.


Also hit a winery that was across from Red Hook. Way to 'nice' for me. I'm t-shirt and jeans, not collars and Dockers. But the wine wasn't bad. It is just way more costly to sample wines compared to brews.


Did a lot of walking and hit many a pub/bar/taverns. Tried a lot of appitizers and a lot of beer!!


Had a lot of fun and even with all of the walking I bet I gained 5 pounds. But it's beer weight. So it's all good!

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Mac and Jack's african amber is one of my favorite beers! It sucks they only sell it in kegs. I mean don't get me wrong I prefer tap beer but I like to drink on the couch also!


They sell it at the Cheesecake Factory and Claim Jumpers.

Check out their website. I know they were selling growlers to people that came in while I was there. And they have a distributor in Portland so maybe you can work out a deal to pick it up at the distributors place. I am going to look into it myself.


They also said that some bar in Salem is selling it on tap. Anyone guess what my next 'homework assignment' is!?!?!? (laugh) :D (whistle)

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