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RODI questions

Ron Popeil

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anyone is corvallis want to come over look at my RO unit and tell me whats going on with it?


i just replaced the RO membrane after not needing it replaced for...well over four years. i replaced it with a 50 gpd membrane, which i believe is what it had in their before. now suddenly one of my three chambers below doesnt fill but halfway, and the TDS readings are coming out between 2 and 5 typically, but today theyre at 22.


any suggestions? i have two knobs to turn. one knob is right as the water is exiting the filter. the other one appears to be directly connected to a pressure gauge and the RO membrane.


the canister that doesnt fill all the way is split into two parts, the top half has what appears to be some sort of gooey orange fluid above a blueish solid like substance.


why isnt that chamber filling?

why is my tds reading numbers now when it used to be reading zeros?

and how long can the inline TDS meters go before needing to be replaced?

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the membrain needs to be seated, very well. you need to make sure the bottom, small O ring is seated First. I would reinstall it, 2nd check the TDS AFTER THE MEMBRAIN, and after each canister. and as geek said, may need to replace the rest to.

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Most of the RO manufactures say 500 gallons on the pre/post filters, but of course it depends on how bad the water coming in is also.


As for your TDS meter, you could always get some Distilled water and it should test 0 on it.


Like waves stated, the blue and orange color is your DI, the blue is the used up portion (color indicating)

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