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External Skimmer for a 100g system


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I need to buy a skimmer for my larger tank im setting up. Including sump it will be about 100 gallons. I am going to be plumbing it in externally (space concerns) as I'm using my sump for my fuge. Anyone with eternals that love their skimmers please let me know what brand. I've been thinking of trying the octopus recirculating model, but it looks like a plumbing nightmare.

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I would try out the Octopus Recirc. I dont think it would be a plumbing nightmare. What problems are you thinking of? Later Ryan


Well, it looks to me, and im no pro, but it looks like the adjusment for the octopus is kinda like the Euro-Reef, where you raise and lower the side pipe to adjust the water level, and if I plumbed that line back to my sump, wouldn't it create alot of backpreasure and make the skimmer really hard to adjust? That is just what I get from looking at the net.. anyone see anything different?

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