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Aquarama in Singapore


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I just returned from Singapore yesterday and, while there, I had the terrific opportunity to attend the 2009 Aquarama.

Here's the press release:


Aquarama is one of Asia's biggest international ornamental fish and accessories exhibition for the aquatic fish industries and its related sectors. Slated for 28-31 May 2009 in Singapore, Aquarama will incorporate InterGarden 2009 and Pet Asia 2009 that will add on to the spectacular settings of the dynamic event.


Aquarama is an all-encompassing event that offers boundless business opportunities to its targeted market segments. Industry players from all over the world choose Aquarama as their definitive meeting place and channel for growing their businesses - whether it is for sourcing new products, setting new industry standards or simply learning of the latest technology and industry developments.


As the world's top exporter of ornamental fish, Singapore has cemented its position as the ornamental fish capital of the world with exports hitting a record breaking US64million ($98 million) in 2006, marking a 9% increase from 2005. The economic outlook for the aquatic fish industries are set aglow with the vast business opportunities in Singapore and Asia. Discover the potential of the global markets and drive success to your business in the vibrant ornamental and aquatics fish industries.




While mainly targeted to wholesalers, this was definitely very cool.


As far as lighting is concerned, they are getting very big on LED's over there although MH is still the go-to. If people can get the litigation out of the way here in the states, it seems that LED's will be the way to go in the future. There were lots of gorgeous tanks set up and some very cool corals and fish, although, as you would expect, most of them are readily available here. One of the neatest things I saw that I haven't seen here is a powerhead similar to the Koralia, however all of the electrical components are outside the tank. The only component in the tank is the housing for the fan blades. It is connected and operated by a magnet the same way that we would hold our powerheads in place. This allowed for a very small footprint in the tank. They each came with controllers that utilized a master/slave setup wirelessly connected to each other via bluetooth. You could program them to create some custom wave actions and control the velocity of all of them with one knob. All of this for about $79.00 Sing or $55.00 U.S. Unfortunately they run on 220v or I would have bought a few. The rep did say they would be available in the U.S. sometime in the Fall.


Another cool thing was something called GEX Magical water. They had both Freshwater Goldfish, Clownfish and Seahorses all in the same water. Don't know how practical this would be, but it was pretty cool nonetheless.


I also scoped out one of the few marine stores I could find over there and inside I found soccer ball size Euphyllia for about $21.00. VERY large colonies of Zoas (~300-400 polyps, many colors) and 'Shrooms (~40 heads, both Hairy and otherwise) - $12.50 each. Large (8-9 inch), colorful Lobo colonies- about $20.00, other Brains- $10-15.00. Japanese Sun Corals (about 3" in diameter) were a bit spendy - about $70.00 U.S. each, but I have never seen anything like them here. The proprietor told me that softies and LPS's are very easy and cheap to export. Hards, SPS's not so easy. I got the guy's card and I do have connections over there so if anyone's interested......



























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Looks nice! Hope you had a great time. I would love to go to a conference like this.


But whats up with the "Miracile Water"?


"Magical Water" sounds like one of the old mixes like "Wonder Water" available in the 1960's. It was a combination of sugars to raise the water density. http://www.novalek.com/kordon/articles/wonder_water.htm

You might try contacting Kordon for information.


There was also a product called "Magic Ocean".

I had a box of this years ago, but never had the guts to try it!(laugh)




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