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new camera some coral pics


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(clap)Here are some coral shots. I have been playing around with the new camera i got a canon rebel xs. Did them all with manual focus, let me know what you think and any tips you can give me It has a general picture taking lens right now (EFS 18-55mm) I didn't mess with any settings on the camera


















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How do you have the white balance set? Your pics look a little on the blue side. On mine, the only manual one that I can use is partial shade (7000K). That is the closest to tank light as I can find.





i haven't played with white balance or anything else just trying to get a feel for the camera. I do need to get a tripod it's hard holding the camera still, especially when trying to get close up pics

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Also looking at the last set of pics you need to set the focus to pinpoint and then be sure you either aim the point right at the coral your shooting (Half shutter) or aim at something the same distance and go half shutter and then move the camera before clicking. (Not sure if you follow that or not) Alternatively set it to manual focus.

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I'd stay at as low an ISO as possible -- you'll be cropping a lot and the noise from higher speeds really shows up at 1:1. A tripod (commercial or DIY) will help a lot with sharpness (be sure to use a remote release or self-timer so your hand doesn't shake the camera when pressing the shutter release). I'm fond of using an off-camera flash to light the subject from above -- that way I have complete control of DOF and can still hand-hold with a shutter speed of 1/150 or faster. Spot metering helps get a balanced exposure. White balance is a bugger in reef tanks; the relatively high strength of the 420nm/actinic range seems to confuse either the cam sensor or the exposure algorhythm. Turning off actinics can help with the overall white balance (or, at least help get rid of the purple fringing you may see). I'ev foudn that the from-above flash also helps overpower the actinics, but at the cost of capturing some of the coral's fluorescence.


Other things that'll help overall image quality is turning off circulation pumps, cleaning the glass, running carbon, and moving corals forward in the tank to photograph (the less water you have to shoot through the better). Also, curved tanks are a bugger...

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thank you rick and andy for your help! ill go play with the different settings and see what i can do. Im hoping the photos will get better with more practice. I have read that white balance and shutter speed seem to make a big difference in aquarium photography.

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Here is a tip for you. Take lots of pictures. Like a hundred at each session then you will find 5 that are remarkable. This is how I do it. I have a fugi Finepix and have played with the setting forever. Its a pretty good camera but the nikons are what I want. I have heard great thing about your canon also.





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