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Lighting Suggestions


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I am just looking for some input on my lighting for my tank. Right now I run 2 250w 14k Hamilton DE bulbs. I have the 2 reflectors mounted to a custom made steel frame that my friend from work made me. The frame is 20" wide and 18" tall with the 3 rails evenly spaced out. I plan on running T5 lights on the 2 outer rails in the future. I installed a fan behind the halides to cool the reflectors down because of the center rail heating up.


Thanks in Advance,







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What is the frame made out of? Might need to take some extra precaution to be sure it doesn't corrode. Maybe dip the legs into a plastic coating or if funds permit have the entire frame powder coated. Rather than adjust the height of the frame it may be better to make the height of the reflector mounts adjustable instead. That way you maintain the open access between the tank and the frame without bumping into it as you reach in and out. (Just a thought) The solid legs are also likely going to be more stable as well. Either way I'm envious as that looks like an awesome setup.

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Maybe install eye bolts on the frame, small eye bolts on the reflector, and use a lock-link to connect them. Cable tie electrical cord out of the way- you would also then be able to adjust the height of the lights if you needed by adding chain links.

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The frame is made out of 1/8" Steel tubing. The only open areas on the frame are where I drilled self tapping screws in to hold the reflectors. I think I'm going to use eye hooks to hang the reflectors down a little bit so they don't touch the frame at all and use a silicone around the holes I made.


Thanks for all the input.

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