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New wall aquariums


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Has anyone heard about these or had 1? I think they are full of it! No water changes for 1 year..... I want to know what they have been smokin!!! They need to pass it around(naughty).......

I talked to one of the sales man today on the phone and he kept pushing the fact that this enzyme really works? I told him he is full of it and what about the common minerals like iodine and calcium quickly used up in aquarium water and he told me the enzyme does it!!!!(laugh) What a joke!!!



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"Our proprietary enzyme is added in once per year to salt or fresh water. The aquarium is ready to add fish in 4 hours after initial power up."


Notice they put this 2 or 3 times in the info about the tank.


Snake oil i say!!

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notice the lack of living things that we would normally see in a reef aquarium. not that i support the idea but it seems they are promoting a fowlr not a reef. there are some sponges and gorgonians, but those are likely to simply be seen as disposable by their customers.



reminds me of the coral skeleton saltwater setups of the 80's


this is my favorite quote from their page on aquarium care


"Most of this information was derived from Wikipedia"

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