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Montastrea Brain


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I have a Montastrea Brain coral. It seems to be healthy,it has good colors, looks fine.My question is it HAD little eyelash like things that would come in & out of the coral & they don't seem to be doing it the last few days.Is this something to be concerned about? Mike

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Probably a barnacle. I have not had any problems with them. They seem hard to keep alive without phyto plankton though. They come on alot of corals collected out of the ocean. They wanta alot of waterflow.


So if I understand this correct these little eyelash's that were coming out of every hole were not part of the coral?

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I think they are the feeding tentacles, and yes, they'd be part of the coral!

They are usually out at night, or at feeding time.


I've had my brain coral's not come out for a few days and be okay, but I'd keep an eye on it.

How long have you had the coral?

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