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Bleeding Apple Scolymia!!!


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That is a steal, saw one today online for 325.00 ans I am not sure it was that nice. He only wears the gloves to protect the coral, if Issic just thinks about touching one he might kill it{think Chuck Norris of corals}

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That is one gorgeous coral. I wish I had $225 to spend right now. If only, if only...




Yeah... wish I had that as well, then I could replace a couple of the bald tires on my car :eek: I would much rather have this coral though! It is a beauty and a nice price from what I have seen of them (drooler)

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Okay, I'm going to reduce the price on this one to $200 for any PNWMAS members. There is no doubt that this one is worth more than that but I would like to get it sold. So if you want a great deal on a beautiful rare coral then don't pass this one up.

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