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Need Help: 5/15/2009

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As many of you know I am getting ready to move to Utah next week. I could really use some help getting corals/tanks ready to go and in the Penske truck. I know that most people are probably busy since it is during the week, but if anyone is available Friday morning to help pack up for a couple hours that would be great. We will be started packing everything up by 6am, but people are allowed to come whenever. To start I will just be getting the tank water out and getting the rubbermaid tote filled with the rock. Help will mostly be needed for bagging coral, and carrying tanks.


I dont have much to offer in trade right now, since I got rid of it all to help reduce the risk of losing large amounts of livestock. I do have some more pieces of purple/yellow turbinaria, and can also send people frags once I get to Utah and get things back up and running. I would really appreciate any help. If you can be there, send me a PM, post here, or call me. 541-505-4974





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i think we are going to be at the point of carrying tanks by then, if not leaving. i am thinking packing up corals would be around 8am. i didn't expect you to carry big heavy tanks anyway. i need some young (or old) scrappin' (or scrawny) boys (or man-chicks)...i try not to discriminate.

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ryan, that would be great. i would love to have your company there. and of course there is cold ones in the fridge for helpers. beer, and soda. ah...beer in the morning.


joel. i wont be doing anything with the bowfront thurs night. but i can move everything else down thursday. we will have several of cora's friends here too, so maybe that would be a good time to try and move the beast. i also have the 46 to move, and the 20.


so if anyone else wants to help thurs, that is great too. again, i have a couple things to offer in trade, otherwise i can ship things from utah.

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BUMP. just seeing who still planning on being here, or any new people that have available time to help me move a tank or two. Tomorrow, Thursday night we are taking all dry goods down and packing moving truck, and Friday morning is going to be packing of fish/coral/rock. Let me know if you are available.


My address is:


1620 Adkins St. #2

Eugene, OR



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