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Humble Beginnings (zoa nano)


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Ok everyone. I knew I couldn't go long without having multiple tanks and thanks to ca2or, I've decided to do a zoa nano. My tank is an acrylic 24 x 24 with 1 x 96 watt pc light on top. Here are a few pics of the start.















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One tank.... thats all I thought I would want. NOW of course the 29gl fresh is being neglected. You guessed it I am thinking about changing to salt.

Nice start




that's why I just sold my freshwater tank. Didn't really care about it anymore. Then this little tank got thrown at me so "hey what's a guy to do?"(whistle)

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looking good.ive always wanted to get a solona or something cubish and put crazy zoa frags everywhere and just let them grow till it covered. this should be sweet once it grows in


I can't wait. My wife and I are really loving this project and I'm able to get these out of my sps tank. It's a win win situation for all.

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