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Fishtank for sale or trade corals


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Good questions thanks. 2 each 65 watt power compacts 18" long, 1 antinic, 1 10000k not sure how old they are, 2 moon lights, 4 little fans in the top of the hood. Everything works fine. I am not sure on the pricing. I am want both party's to feel like they came alright. Thanks.

I am thinking for a price right around $175.

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The tank is 21"H x 24"W x 14"L (to the middle of the bowfront


The stand is 28"H x 24"w x 14"L (with a front door)


I am interested in multi-color zoo's, chalices, acans, blue stags, ricordeas, yumas.

We can do patial payment with corals or full amount whatever we agree is fair.

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