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possible algae?


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Not hairy. Honestly it is so small I cant see it. It looks as if the small bubbles are just stuck to the rock but I brushed them off and they were back in half an hour. I will try and get a pic but I dont think it will show. Just a few minutes on the pic

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bubbles are clear. It looks like micro bubbles just stuck to the rock but I dont have very many micro bubbles in my tank so Im sure its not that. But bubbles are def clear not colored. But the strings holding them look to be clear/milky green

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This can also happen during the initial cycle of a new system. Bacteria and diatoms build up rapidly converting the CO2 in your water column to micro bubbles of oxygen. If you don't notice a sort of slime algae accumulate than this is likely what is happening. It can also happen after a large water change or if you change the salinity or temperature or expose your tank to an unusually high amount of nutrients such as a large fish or a few fish added at once.


Watch it over the next week or so and if it doesn't appear to stop or slow down than you likely have some cyano bacteria build up but if it goes away than you are probably experiencing something very normal.





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