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More bad pics for you guys


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ok guys, here are more bad pic from the worst photographer on here. I also tried to give you the name of the coral and where I purchased it.

Ora Plum Crazy (I think) Oasis Tropical Fish



Purple Cap given to me for helping with a tank set up



I forget the name of this chalice purchased from Davy Jones' Locker



Elegance Coral Oasis Tropical Fish



Hawkins Echinata Oasis Tropical Fish



Green Birdsnest Davy Jones' Locker



Sea Apple Oasis Tropical Fish ( I know the risk)



Fungia Soutas



Green Milli Oasis Tropical Fish



Acropora sp? Davy Jones' Locker


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zoas Please ID Oasis Tropical Fish



Rainbow Monti Oasis Tropical Fish



Superman Danae Oasis Tropical Fish



Blue Sponge Oasis Tropical Fish



Orange Cap (its really orange) same guy I got the purple from



ORA Red Planet

Oasis Tropical Fish



Acro sp? Davy Jones' Locker


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the elegance is probably my favorite just because they have such a high mortality rate. I was lucky enough to get one of the good ones. (aussie)


Where did you pick that one up? I tried one once but it had a fresh break on it (didn't notice originally) and ended up getting infected (my bad). I love the look of those and wouldn't mind trying again at some point - especially the ones with the bright blue tips!

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I got that one at oasis in redmond. He's got a beautiful one right now with blue tips. You should come to central oregon and check him out.


Ha - that figures... I was just down there for vacation the week before last. If I would have seen your thread with all the nice specimens you picked up there earlier I definitely would have made plans to stop by!

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it's a nice store. I really like it there. I worked there untill about a week or two ago and i'm still friends with the owner, I just found a different job with more hours than he could give me. I just went in today and traded in some ricordea, pavona, and a 9 inch toadstool for some stuff. really good people. Hopefully he will be sponsoring the club forum soon.

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