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  1. Looking for a used or like new mp10 pump or similar.
  2. A little better picture showing color and size.
  3. 2 large pieces of Purple stylophora. $25 each or potentially trade for other sps.
  4. Looking to buy a couple acro frags for the top part of my tank.
  5. I will be looking forward to that!
  6. Does anyone have any of these guys local or maybe all finished up with some that they would want to pass on?
  7. Would you be able to send pictures of the stand? Tank I’m assuming would be standard 75g. Do you have overflow boxes as well or just the equipment to drill the hole. That would be kinda cool if possible. You can PM if you want.
  8. Looking for a glass tank with an overflow built in for a sump. Stand with this would be perfect! PM me and let me know what you have, I’m trying to upgrade from 30 gallon cube.
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