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  1. I will be looking forward to that!
  2. Does anyone have any of these guys local or maybe all finished up with some that they would want to pass on?
  3. Would you be able to send pictures of the stand? Tank I’m assuming would be standard 75g. Do you have overflow boxes as well or just the equipment to drill the hole. That would be kinda cool if possible. You can PM if you want.
  4. Looking for a glass tank with an overflow built in for a sump. Stand with this would be perfect! PM me and let me know what you have, I’m trying to upgrade from 30 gallon cube.
  5. Are they good then? Lol
  6. It looks kinda like a slug. But yes it moves around.
  7. Does anyone know what this is? It’s expelling/ blasting out what looks like could be little eggs? I’m not sure. Not sure if it is good or bad.
  8. I have a 60 gallon acrylic tank as well as a hydra 26hd that’s just about a month old. Looking to trade or get close to getting a 120 gallon system if anyone is interested. Potentially would just sell out if that worked out better. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I have a 60 Gallon Acrylic Cube. 24x24x24in. drilled in the top and comes with everflow as well.
  10. I was thinking of going that direction, haven’t gotten enough info on it and was curious if anyone locally has any experience with it so far. Would love to hear! 😁
  11. I ended up switching from the Chinese black box to the hydra 26hd after about a week of it in the tank, just thought I would add. But it’s cool to see it starting to cover some of the plug and glue. This pic is from Nov 19th.
  12. Mine was much brighter green and it started to get brown with my new light and I had it higher up. I just moved it lower to see how it does. But it’s sitting under a Hydra 26 HD. Running about 60%.
  13. Lol I know there Acros just wanted to know type. 😂 Thanks! @pdxmonkeyboy @viper55
  14. Was curious the names of these corals so I can better care for them.
  15. That’s awesome! Those mystery boxes were full of good stuff. Some of the pieces I got.
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