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  1. Jfruity24

    Black Friday/Small Business Saturday Sale!

    This is all going down Friday when you guys open correct? Or on Saturday?
  2. Here are some pictures of the frag the day I picked it up. About a week ago.
  3. Jfruity24

    WTB: HOB Overflow

    Ah I see, any chance anyone in Portland or Vancouver May have one?
  4. Jfruity24

    WTB: HOB Overflow

    Was curious if anyone had any HOB overflow boxes laying around that someone would be willing to part with. PM me what you have and what you would like for it!
  5. Jfruity24

    November SPS grow out

    Would there be a chance to pick it up Friday? I’ll be in Denver for the weekend. Leaving Friday night. And if not, who should I talk to about holding it?
  6. Jfruity24

    November SPS grow out

    I can’t find the PayPal contact to send it to. I did the paypal@pnwmas.org. And it’s not showing anything!
  7. Want to buy a sump that will fit under a 60 gallon cube stand. Curious if anyone has anything that would fit under one? Preferably 3 chambers, but I can make work with what I have available. thanks!
  8. Jfruity24

    Sps grow out contest?

    I’m in as well and can do the $30/$40 range for sure!
  9. Jfruity24

    Sps grow out contest?

    I would be down to participate in this, I think it would be a lot of fun!
  10. Jfruity24

    Fragfest Oct 27th Raffle Prizes

    This is awesome! Excited for this!
  11. Jfruity24

    WTB: clown fish pair

    Preference would be black and white Ocellaris, but keeping my options open to other variants around. PM me if you have any here locally in the pdx/ Vancouver area and the price! thanks!
  12. Just getting back into the hobby using some of the old stuff I’ve had. Excited to fill my tank up with coral and possibly upgrade to my 60gallon Cube. 30 gallon oceanic cube Chinese 165watt LED Aqua remora HOB skimmer little fishies reactor (Chaeto reactor) vortech Mp10 QD 200 wat heater also have a makeshift Auto top off float switch, with reservoir underneath. I’m 5 weeks into my cycle and have a clean up crew. Started with dry Rock and Dry sand and cycled it with Seachem Stability. Always looking to learn and get better! Look forward to chatting with you all! Pramaters: Phosphate 0-0.1, Nitrate 0, DKH 8, calcium 400 Salinity 1.023 temp 77.9- 78