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  1. I picked up a RedSea 260 for a member and sold my old tank. My corals are in Rubbermaid’s with heater and powerheads but for this amount of money in corals I’m terrified. Any experienced SPS/LPS keepers have a system then can hold 40-45 frags til end of June after I move and my tank cycles through? thanks
  2. Looking for a mirror less DSLR Ideally Sony A7ii but open to others
  3. Sold Mods please close
  4. Sold Mods please close
  5. Tank Stand Skimmer Heater Filter socks and holders Media baskets Upgraded return pumps Lid clips Heavy duty egg rate for under aquascape 10g ato tank 48” HMS Rail with mounts Some Corals Some Rock Sand 2x BRS Dosers with a timer $1300 no lights $1800 with 2x Hydra 52s and Hydra 26HD
  6. I took this down today and buyer backed out 2hrs before pick up so here it is. Tank Stand AI Prime HD with mount Redsea Skimmer 150w Heater Ehiem pump Filter sock Sand JBJ ATO maxspect xf130 Asking $700obo
  7. Anyone got any Subaru Impreza gear? Just got my first car and looking for rims ,light bars and a spoiler
  8. What’s the required Volts and mA? amazon has a generic one
  9. I have the opportunity to buy a car and need to sell the new tank. Red Sea Nano White stand Nero 5 or Maxspect xf130 Red Sea Skimmer Phosban 150 Reactor with MJ1200 JBJ ATO with Sicce 0.5 2x BRS Dosers with timer 150w Heater RS Filter sock AI Prime HD with mount 15lbs of Real Reef Rock I have various corals I can include Will not part out. Asking $850
  10. Seeking ATO bucket/res for under a Nuvo 40
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