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  1. Pennywise

    Clown eggs

    Have you tried Reed Mariculture? They sell RG complete specifically for growing Rots.
  2. If the foot is deep it's gonna be tough. If you break the rock apart you risk ripping the foot. Prob best to sell the rock or put into another tank and wait for them to move off of the rock
  3. Looking to buy some Harlequin shrimp. A pair would be nice,but I will buy a single too. I'm in chehalis but I will drive down to Portland area.thanks
  4. Eva (middle) Anya (right) and koda (left)
  5. I like what you have done with the rocks in the 75. That thing is gonna look amazeballs
  6. I am setting up to raise clowns but none of my three pairs have spawned yet.
  7. Sounds like you got it down lol. I haven't been in the shop nowhere near like I should be now I set this dang fish tank up a year and a half ago lol
  8. That race sounds amazing lol. I drive an ex patrol car. 07 charger. It still looks like a cop car and people get right out of the way.
  9. I wish I could use the ol circle track rules on the hwy. 2 bumps and a dump.
  10. Lol. Yea I hear the slowpar thing at work all the time,I sell Chevelle Camaro and Nova parts. I always say Mopar was the first to hit the 200 mph in Nascar lol I love getting a rise out of the Chevy guys Lol its all fun tho...I think I remember the car you are talking about with the overspray,was it in the trunk on the wheelhouses? Like 15 years ago?
  11. It's taken a while to collect but they are all pretty solid and complete. The 66 I have had since high school back in 1997. All small blocks.not really a big block fan. The 68 cuda is gonna get a 5.7 hemi in the near future 😈
  12. Mopar or no car. I got 72 dart,66 dart, 68 barracuda and a 69 barracuda..oh and a 73 duster circle track car.
  13. Thank you Dodge for the awesome miyagi tort! It seems to be adjusting fine! And the zoas are coloring up very nicely. Can't wait to come back down and buy some more coral. Thank you!!
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