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  1. Moved into grow out tank today.. starting to look like little clownfish.. and already territorial, crazy how young when they learn to be jerks lol
  2. Here is a top down of one getting stripes
  3. Hard to see ,but this guy is getting stripes.
  4. Still got at least 8 that I can see. I painted the tank black and the baby's are basically black.. really hard to see them. TDO showed up. Holy crap they love that stuff!! I still got a rotifer culture going for the next round. Baby's are two weeks old today. My photo skills aren't awesome but here are a couple update pics
  5. I would be using brine shrimp, my LFS had some but they didn't hatch, I think they were really old. TDO has been ordered but they are eating omega one that I crush to a fine powder. Fingers crossed 🤞
  6. So my clowns finally laid egg's! Been waiting for quite some time now. This is their first little clutch of eggs and my first attempt to raise them. I have about 8 or 9 babies that have made it to day 8 now. Fingers crossed. Pictures are hard to get and my photo skills aren't the greatest.but here is one of the babies and mom and dad.
  7. Maybe give these a try.. I think home depot has them
  8. I also thank you for the fish and coral I got from you, getting fat and growing well.
  9. So I found a couple of these little guys on the glass.. about half the size of a grain of rice or so. Looks like a flat worm but can't tell. Thank you for any help.
  10. I was wondering if it was rotifers that they ate.. maybe I will take you up on that trap when I get a couple clownfish batches raised and feel confident enough to try the chromis.
  11. My chromis always spawn in my tank and I have thought about trying to raise the fry. Anyone ever try? They are hard to see in the pictures,but the little white dots are the eggs.
  12. I'm just kinda curious if anyone here is into 1/4 scale RC cars? My boss Has an obsession and is always looking for cars and parts.
  13. Don't move mom and dad with the eggs. They will eat them when they hatch.
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