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  1. You can put them in an acclimation box together. Another way I have seen people chase them into it kinda scaring them into the nem. Took a few min a day for a few days.
  2. Pennywise

    Clown babies

    She will lay them in the clay pot and you can remove the clay pot with the eggs the night of hatch and put them in the fry tank to hatch.
  3. I tightened a zip tie to my baster to seal the ball to the tube. I can get a nice blast without it blowing out the top.
  4. Awesome!!! We need to keep finding them. They gotta be out there lol
  5. I often wonder if me and HexaReef are the only ones in lewis county 🤔
  6. Got this in today.. gonna see how she does. Supposed to be a great light,we will see..
  7. Do you use LED lights and if so how old are they? Maybe the white channel is getting bad. Just an idea.😕
  8. I have heard not to use anything other than pvc in QT because ceramic and other poarice (if I spelled that correct) materials will absorb medications. Atleast thats just what I have always heard.
  9. As long as you choose a smaller clown to pair him/her with there is a good chance you can get them to pair. It's not 100% ...but they will again make that THAIR tank if it's a small tank. Just make sure to get another ocellaris it will make paring easier. I have found fish are kinda like people, may or may not like another fish at first sight without even knowing them.
  10. I would remove her. Typically medication has copper and inverts don't fair well...,or basically die.there are other"invert safe" meds but I am leary. But I'm kinda a noob
  11. That could be an old wound from the two paring and fighting that has slowly got a little infected. If so. I see a 10 gallon QT in the near future
  12. It's bonding/paring behavior. Male will start to get aggressive and territorial.
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