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  1. I have thought about this too. But what about welding, grinding, exhaust from racecar.. I just can't bring myself to do it..
  2. Red Corris wrasse and yellow Corris.. my red will turn over little rubble rock and dig through the sand..always on the hunt
  3. It looks like a blasto,but that is just a guess. I am a coral rookie lol
  4. I gave up on kaijas a couple years ago. I have been driving down to The Reef Box in Vancouver for the past few months, hasn't let me down. And the price is always right.
  5. Another one of us stuck in the middle..(between Portland and Seattle)good to hear there's more in this area starting up😁 welcome!!!
  6. I used to take care of them in the pet store I worked in ages ago.. they are aggressive and will eat basically anything..and I mean anything, from other frogs to mice.so keep them in a tank all alone;and yes they will bite you lol..you can handle them but they are just a frog so accidental biting can happen
  7. I'm going to guess a bio block for AIO tanks.
  8. I would go see Brian at The Reef box. I've bought 2 wrasses from him in the past couple months..great price healthy fish
  9. I was in today and got a few things and there was PLENTY of frags.. just wish I wasn't an hour and a half away.
  10. Yup, Reefbox is awesome, you definitely want to go check it out.
  11. I got this growing on my rocks in one of my tanks. Any idea what it is? It looks cool but it's spreading kinda quick. Thanks for any help
  12. The BEST thing about trochus snails; is when you wake up in the morning and your tank looks like someone poured a gallon of milk in it due to them spawning and gives you that 5 second panic.
  13. I find this to be extremely fascinating!
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