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  1. Thank you couldn't find that area
  2. Depends on size asking 100 for small and 200 for large or can do a trade looking forca good skimmer
  3. I have few black widows up for sale if anyone is interested
  4. I love the stuff my turbo snail laid eggs in my sump and have them all over it does work i was doing research on the product and found that only half ever six months is to be changed i also found on ebay sell it for 50 .00for 10 lbs im going to mix with some mangrove mudd that is like 20lbs for 35 also on ebay
  5. I have some space chaos zoas i can frag up the picture i will use is from the seller big R
  6. Anybody use this stuff or had any experience with it ?
  7. Thank you got this on order and my magic mud for my sump and should be golden . Thank you for your help i wasn't quite sure what light to get ? Thanks again.
  8. Looking to buy one i have t247 don't want to use for sump i need to build another stand to fit my 80 gallon long as well it's little short . Thx for the recommendation anywhere i may get this light?
  9. Anyone have a decent sump light for sale ?
  10. Where can i find this product very much interested
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