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  1. Mantha Shrimp close up

    Awesome They are differently cool to look at I have too many shrimp fire shrimp and crabs I just Wouldn't want them to eat my crabs or shrimp Something I want to look more into they are definitely an eye Catcher thank you again have a blessed day
  2. Mantha Shrimp close up

    May I ask where you got this and how much you paid I would like to get one and what the requirements are and what they can live with thank you
  3. Please help identify

    Thx again everyone that helped
  4. Please help identify

    Got fire shirmp and cleaner shrimp and a few camel shrimp My main concern is If they hurt my coral or something that i just don't want to have sounds like they are okay, i will keep a watch on them.
  5. Please help identify

    Yes this is 100% what i have, there are alot of them are they harmless ?
  6. Please help identify

    I wouldn't want that in my tank, mine is not very big don't really look like what's in the video how do i figure this out ? is there reasearch sites for this stuff?, this hobby is so Awesome you never know what you may find, thx for everyone giving me some info
  7. Please help identify

    Ok thx thats what i was curious about If they were harmless or not
  8. Please help identify

    Good or bad?
  9. Please help identify

    There is few of them ive noticed #lovin these lights lol
  10. Please help identify

    Found this not sure what it is?
  11. Anyone know if this is safe to use for glueing frags down?

    This is what its saying on back
  12. Anyone know if this is safe to use for glueing frags down?

    Awesome thx merry Christmas
  13. Anyone know if i can use this for glueing frags down?
  14. Thx ninjabeaver

    Yes just can't get blues on it takes me a minute to figure out what buttons to push what power should i have them on but yeah i got it down kinda lol thx for your help i love these lights once i figure out how to switch the settings i just dont want to bleach any of my corals
  15. Thx ninjabeaver

    Thanks for the awesome lights, Just one question does anyone know how to Adjust the lenght for the cable on lights it seems to be stuck ? Thank you all and may you have a merry merry Christmas