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  1. I love the stuff my turbo snail laid eggs in my sump and have them all over it does work i was doing research on the product and found that only half ever six months is to be changed i also found on ebay sell it for 50 .00for 10 lbs im going to mix with some mangrove mudd that is like 20lbs for 35 also on ebay
  2. I have some space chaos zoas i can frag up the picture i will use is from the seller big R
  3. Anybody use this stuff or had any experience with it ?
  4. Thank you got this on order and my magic mud for my sump and should be golden . Thank you for your help i wasn't quite sure what light to get ? Thanks again.
  5. Looking to buy one i have t247 don't want to use for sump i need to build another stand to fit my 80 gallon long as well it's little short . Thx for the recommendation anywhere i may get this light?
  6. Anyone have a decent sump light for sale ?
  7. Where can i find this product very much interested
  8. Do u have any powderblue? If So how much are you asking
  9. Ok I got them for cheaper than your quoted price so I got a great deal Thx ron
  10. .How much are these worth ? Just wanted to see what they go for if anyone knows thx
  11. The little Male blknwhite he would love great personality and is going on pee pad super smart
  12. Here is some pictures of all the pups the G is picture of the girl the rest are boys
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