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  1. jellyfish

    Newbie question

    Hey all! newbie question i know, but im just making sure, im supposed to wait for diatoms to be gone before adding fish right? the tank has been up for a little over 5 weeks now and it's growing lots of hair algae so i'm wanting to get fish in there, but i've still got a bit of a diatom coating, though it's started to clear up a bit with water changes. do i need to wait until it's all gone or is it okay to put fish in ? thanks in advance! : )
  2. jellyfish

    any eel fans?

    Hello! just wondering, are there any eel fans in here? i ADORE snowflake eels, someday i wanna do a setup for one. anyone have pics/setup recs?
  3. jellyfish


    Hi, I'm felic! i just found out about this site from a shop owner in town : ) (paradise coral, if you see this, hello!) I'm 18 and new to saltwater but not to fishkeeping! I just started up my first salt tank a while back and was getting some live rock when i was told about this forum. if anyone has tips for a new keeper, im happy to hear em!