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Found 6 results

  1. Hey all, So I need to thin the herd…badly. I have 3 different types available: Standard Rainbow BTA - $10 and up (depending on size) ”Ultra” Rainbow BTA - $20 and up One smaller black widow approx 3-4” - SOLD I’m just looking to clear out some room in my sump where I put them after they wander around. These are all healthy splits from my display. The more you spend, the better the deal. Also have random zoas and spongodes to throw in free with purchase. I am in Camas right off hwy 14, easy to get to. I can’t deliver these so please don’t ask 😆 here’s my overcrowded sump. Green ones are not for sale currently. There is probably 20-30 in my sump. example of a standard vs ultra rainbow
  2. Have some nems for sale. They are all in my “nem fuge” now and ready to go. All natural splits. See pics of the hoard/mother colony they wandered from. Pics are with my iPhone, fuge has a MS Razr 16k led. I am just off 14 in Camas. 2 Black Widows - both have great color and webbing. About 4” fully opened - $80 each on these. RBTA’s - have tons of these, all are smaller, between 1-3”. From 2 different mother sets, one shows more long tentacles and the others bubble more. The more they color up and grow, the better they look, see examples from group shot. Looking for $20 each unless really small.
  3. So I've had something come up and I'm just not getting many hours at work so I'm hurting for a little cash this week, here's a few corals and a nice bta for sale. Sorry my camera on my phone takes terrible pics #1- Beautiful Rose Bubble Tip Anenome on it's own rock, bta is about 3 1/2 inches $25 #2- Orange Ricordea Rock, 4 large orange Ricordias and several babies on it's own rock $20 #3- Large Green Hairy Mushroom rock, 10 plus large green Hairy mushrooms on own larger rock (I'll try for a better pic later) $25 #4- Zoa rock, rock with 2 types zoas, 14 plus pinwheels and 3 plus unknown zoas? $15 #5- Large Rock With 18 plus orange bam bam zoanthids, large red and blue spotted mushroom, blue clove polyps, green Palythoas, quarter sized purple and green Hairy mushroom, octopus ink xenia (hard to see entire rock and its size so ill try for a better pic later) $25 #6- Rock With ~10 orange zoas with yellow skirts, octopus ink xenia and small green/blue speckled mushroom $10 #7- Green Monti Cap With Blue Polyps $5 #8- Green Hammer Coral 3 heads $10 If you would like better individual pics pm me and I'll try my best! Forest Grove area
  4. I have a few corals for sale, trying to make room. Sorry I know the pictures are not the best! YELLOW/GREEN MAXI MINI CARPET ANENOME $15 (it's kind of folded in the pics, it's hard to get a decent picture) SMALL ROCK WITH GREEN MUSHROOM AND ANTHELIA $5. LARGE GREEN AND PURPLE RICORDIA MUSHROOM $7 (hard to tell how big it is in the pic but its approx 5 inches across) SMALL ROCK WITH KENYA TREE CORAL AND SMALL RED AND BLUE SPOTTED MUSHROOM $4 (a little hard to see in the pics) MONTI CAP GREEN WITH BLUE POLYPS $10 SMALLGREEN/BLUE MUSHROOM $2 GREEN HAIRY MUSHROOM $3 KENYA TREE CORAL FRAGS $2 XENIA FRAG $4. GREEN WITH RED BULB TIPS MAJANO ANENOMES $2 Take everything for $40! Text 503-935-6334
  5. UPDATED PRICE! So I have a pretty maroon clown that needs a new tank, I've decided instead to get a couple black ocellaris clowns for this tank. It can come with or without a small rose bubble tip anenome, $15 with the bubble tip or $5 without (I think this is a pretty good deal) or trades, I actually prefer trades! I'm looking for Clove polyps (not the tiny blue ones) rock flower, Maxi minis, zoas, dendro, Palythoas grandis, Mushrooms, kryptonite candy cane coral (neon green) other colors bubble tips, brain, acans it let me know what you got! I'm located in the Forest Grove area but I'll be in Hillsboro today about 2:30 so I could meet out there text 503-935-6334
  6. I have a larger live rock, about 9-10 inches with lots of green button polyps growing on it I'd like to trade for something else. I'm having trouble posting pictures but I can email or text them 971-470-4424 located in forest grove
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