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  1. Gravel to Sand switch: Possible?

    SPS type of flow. If LPS and softies maybe ok
  2. Gravel to Sand switch: Possible?

    Siphon out your gravel little by little with your water changes. You’ll eventually get it all after a few changes. Then just add sand after. I like the Fiji pink just don’t go oolite if flows gonna be higher. Looks nicest but blows all over the place.
  3. Just get the spears gate valves from BRS and a couple unions. Should be about $30 in all
  4. Should be a gate valve for best tuning. Ball valve should be for open/ close applications . Gate valve for adjustments
  5. Yeah just lurk over here and R2R forums. Should be easy to piece equipment for a nano
  6. Free crap

    Just Picked up the sea swirl jack. Thanks again! Gonna work nice in my frag tank!
  7. Best SPS LPS scuba diving destination

    Philippines is always nice. Haven’t scuba dived but snorkeled all over the place as I am from there. Tubbataha off Palawan is nice I heard from reef friends that dive and Palawan is one of my favorite vacation spots also. I heard good things about APO reef also .
  8. What are your parameters tonight?

    Yeah test a fresh batch to make sure it’s actually your tank and not a faulty test kit
  9. What are your other hobbies?

    If I’m not reefing I’m prolly bowling. Me and the wifey currently in the process of purchasing our own center. Bowling, pool, whisky/beer, reefing ,,,,,, All in one place. That’s the goal, then it won’t seem like work. Lol. A nice tank in a bowling alley is gonna be cool I think.
  10. What do you do?

    holy crap is this Dr Tavan! Im an Rt at LMP. I work with you all the time but noc shift. Cant wait to see you again to talk reefing
  11. Need to borriw Glass suction cups

    Prob best to be safe and get the 9 inch ones. Those have a 150 lb/ handle capacity
  12. Need to borriw Glass suction cups

    I rented at interstate rentals in Portland and they were about $15 each per day.
  13. Need to borriw Glass suction cups

    Whatever you do, don’t use those cheap $20 ones that claim to hold like 400 lbs per handle. Rent the ones you can pump and has a suction gauge. I learned the hard way with Jorge’s tank lol
  14. What salt do you use

    I use fritz since its closest to what I keep my parameters at. 8.2 alk and 420 ca. 1.026
  15. Testing parameters

    I feel Hannah is best for alk. Just remember to clean the couvetes with RODI water and have spare reagent on hand. I've used RS and Salifert in the past for alk and prefer the hannah
  16. Few Corals for Sale!

    Ahhh it’s hard telling them apart for me. What’s ur opinion on these? Fruit loops or BBEB? Been in my tank for awhile but not sure which one
  17. Few Corals for Sale!

    Ooooh are those fruit loops on the c pack? In the middle? Love those!
  18. Test kits

    Hannah for alk. Red Sea for ca, mag..... I like the salifert better than the Red Sea but the RS seems better quality. Plus they have refills
  19. Tank trade??

    Lol hook me up, your not using it lol
  20. Tank trade??

    really? you didn't run it open top? or is it a mesh screen?
  21. Tank trade??

    Ugggh still sitting in the garage 😩
  22. FS: Cheap and High End Frags! 😎

    You too kim! I’m sure we’ll do business in the future again 😁
  23. FS: Cheap and High End Frags! 😎

    I know just picked them up yesterday and there going awesome! Was totally gonna pick up those utter chaos but still recovering from holiday reef shopping lol
  24. FS: Cheap and High End Frags! 😎

    I’ll take the rastas and a single polyp rainbow infusion !
  25. What do you do?

    I work full time as a respiratory therapist 3 days a week. Then reefing the remainder 4 lol 😬.