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  1. Nitrates!

    Dang I was hoping you would say it wasn’t accurate haha. I Just pulled out half of my cheato (it was packed...) and turned off the dosing pump for the vodka. We will see if this cuts down the nitrates...
  2. Nitrates!

    So started testing frequently about a month ago (use to just test when things were going wrong which is what started this and trying to get into the habit of regular testing) and my alk, calcium and PH have all been stable (11dkh, 440 ppm, and 8.2) but my nitrates seem to be staying at 80 ppm... I have done 60 gallon water change (tank is a 180gal), started carbon dosing (doing 5mL 2x a day) and upgraded the protein skimmer to a bubble magus curve 7, but my nitrates are staying at 80 ppm... Any ideas would be helpful cause im running out of ideas on how I could lower them... Also have about a 4 gallon refugium. Im using API tests for all 4 parameters, I also tested my RODI water for top off and water changes and that was reading 0 ppm.
  3. Nitrates!

    So you think there nitrate tests are good?
  4. Nitrates!

    I have hanna Testers for ALK and CA but not nitrates (not sure if they even have one for nitrates) and the API were right inline with those so i figured I would be ok with the nitrate but thats something I was thinking as well is maybe its the test kit. I may try to get a Salifert one. I'll pull out some cheato right now and hope that helps.
  5. Nitrates!

    I have a section of the sump blocked off for the refugium area and its FULL with cheato.
  6. Nitrates!

    I have cut feedings back (havent fed in like 5 days due to trying to lower the nitrates and hasnt even budged, I figured the color on the test would have lightened up atleast a little with all the things I have done so far.
  7. 40B setup

    Anyone looking for a 40 gallon breeder set up? I have a drilled 40B with black line stand, ASM mini -G protein slimmer, a utility pump, and a couple sunsun power heads. All you would need equipment wise is a light, sump (I used a 20 gal tank), plumbing (the bulkheads look good still) and heater. About the tank: set it up about early (around March) 2016 but due to fighting my ex for custody of my son I was distracted and didn’t take care of it so I had a tank crash and then by October 2016 I took it down and it has sat in my garage since. Back is painted light blue but I’m sure you can get that off. It was set up for a frag tank. Asking 200 obo.
  8. What do you do?

    I work as a biopharmaceutical manufacturing technician, we make the drugs and fill them into vials (liquids not pills) used to treat many different things. At the site i work we focus on a drug for breast cancer, Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and other types of cancer.
  9. Happy Superbowl Sunday! I have free coral!

    If still available I would love a piece I can come by tomorrow evening after 8
  10. Calcium Reactor VS 2 Part

    That’s what I was starting to think but didn’t wanna do something to mess it up or hurt the tank. Good thing I’m doing this just started measuring pH and it’s at 7.9
  11. I am starting to get curious about calcium reactors and how hard they are to get started using? I have never been able to get SPS growing well and am debating on getting a calcium reactor to help get my tank levels more stable to assist with that. What is everyones preference? I have always used B-ionics 2 part but am seriously considering switching. How much maintance does a calcium reactor cost? what media do people run in it? for minerals do you need to dose anything extra for trace elements? How often do you need to refill/change the media? how often do you test your parameters once its dialed in? I have seen a few people selling some used ones which is also adding to the possibility to switch.
  12. Calcium Reactor VS 2 Part

    Ya it makes some sense but still kinda confuses me. As you can see in the image this is what I am working with and trying to figure out...
  13. Calcium Reactor VS 2 Part

    It looks the same accept from what I see the cr-100 has a inlet spot down near the pump this one doesn’t.
  14. Calcium Reactor VS 2 Part

    O I thought you meant they came together at your bubble counter. There is no inlet down near the pump which is what’s confusing me there are two ports on the top one on top of the bubble counter and one on the opposite side of the bubble counter but with all images i see that’s for the recirculating from one of the top ports...
  15. Calcium Reactor VS 2 Part

    So you have the CO2 line and the joining up with the water intake? If so that’s extremely helpful and solves my confusion and I will need to go buy a piece tomorrow haha.
  16. Calcium Reactor VS 2 Part

    Does anyone have pics of there calcium reactor? Preferably a CR-70, can’t seem to figure out how it is suppose to be hooked up. Can’t find any manuals on it anywhere online and can’t figure out where the input water is on it.
  17. Calcium Reactor VS 2 Part

    Where do people get there tanks filled? I’m about to head over I hillsboro area doesn’t look like the tank I got today has much in it
  18. Calcium Reactor VS 2 Part

    It’s a 180 display with about a 40 gal sump
  19. Calcium Reactor VS 2 Part

    jeabo is what I use, it’s the dp-4 and I have had a lot of issues with it... i think my res will go dry like next week so instead of buying a new gallon set I am debating the switch
  20. Calcium Reactor VS 2 Part

    Part of the fluctuation was that I would run out of 2 part and not notice or the dosing pump (I went cheap) would just stop sucking up the fluid and I wouldn’t catch it for a few days and have to play with it.
  21. Calcium Reactor VS 2 Part

    Is the reactor typically in the sump or what? thats another thing Im kinda debating is because I dont know if i have enough room in my sump for a reactor... Any pictures of the reactors people are running would help. Its just so foreign to me that its kinda overwelming.
  22. Calcium reactor setup

    So If you have a pH controller does that help with dialing it in?
  23. Calcium reactor setup

    Is this something that is pretty much ready to go or is there more equipment that would be needed to get it running? Not framiliar with calcium reactors but I've been debating on getting one.
  24. Which stores to visit?

    Ocean in a Box in Vancouver is another good one, I have heard the new owner is doing a really good job I havent been there since the new owner took over due to not having the time yet.