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    40B setup

    Hey, sorry I thought I had closed the thread, the tank and all equipment are gone.
  2. bamburgb

    40B setup

    Anyone looking for a 40 gallon breeder set up? I have a drilled 40B with black line stand, ASM mini -G protein slimmer, a utility pump, and a couple sunsun power heads. All you would need equipment wise is a light, sump (I used a 20 gal tank), plumbing (the bulkheads look good still) and heater. About the tank: set it up about early (around March) 2016 but due to fighting my ex for custody of my son I was distracted and didn’t take care of it so I had a tank crash and then by October 2016 I took it down and it has sat in my garage since. Back is painted light blue but I’m sure you can get that off. It was set up for a frag tank. Asking 200 obo.
  3. bamburgb

    29 gallon biocube

    29 gallon biocube with a stand and hqi light, a couple replacement filters. Needs a little cleaning but no leaks. - $100.00
  4. bamburgb

    29 gallon biocube

    Tank sold please close
  5. bamburgb

    29 gallon biocube

    I am located in Scappoose Oregon
  6. bamburgb

    29 gallon biocube

    Yes it’s still available, pictures are from before I cleaned the glass. Also has an air pump for the skimmer but no current air stone.
  7. bamburgb

    A few acro frags, and free green monti cap!

    Do you come upto the Portland area often? If so I’m definitely interested in a few
  8. bamburgb

    Green blue polyp monti cap

    I got a piece of this from someone else and it grows like a champ. Love it.
  9. bamburgb

    Tricolor spa from Higher Thinking

    Mine has been coloring up great too can’t wait to see when it’s all done. I have it in 3 different locations in my tank and it’s interesting to see how all of it is coloring up.
  10. bamburgb

    Coral Giveaway!

    Beautiful piece, share the love.
  11. bamburgb

    Hannah alk reagent

    Haven’t really found it locally carried, they usually can order it in but don’t carry from my experience.
  12. bamburgb

    Berghia Nudibranch

    I wanted to get some but think my Christmas wrasse would eat them
  13. Sent you a pm wasn’t able to get pics but sent a list of some stuff
  14. Ya SPS I’m still getting back into so I don’t have much to trade there, other then birds nest and another that I don’t know the name of but it’s a green/purplish base with purple polyps. I have a few different zoas as well I can take some pics later and send you PM and see if your interested
  15. What type of corals are you looking for?
  16. bamburgb

    Stores in vancouver area?

    It’s in the same parking lot, right beside 360 auto spa.
  17. bamburgb

    Calcium Reactor Output

    I wouldn’t think so only because I don’t think you lose any from your display to the filter socks, I could be wrong but I wouldn’t think the filter would be fine enough to pull out CA or ALK. Following to see what others think.
  18. bamburgb


    Ok was just curious I mean it’s only $40 or so more for just the unit but was just thinking it might be over kill. But I may eventually just do that route
  19. bamburgb


    So I recently set up a maxspect gyre XF250 which came with controller for my 180, question is does anyone know if the controller would work on an XF230 as well? I know it can control 2 units but I’m unaware of there are any difference with the 230 and 250’s. Reason I’m wondering is because even with the 250 I’ve noticed a couple areas that aren’t getting much flow and started noticing cyano growth.
  20. bamburgb

    Today is the day!

    Wish I wasn’t stuck at work, would love to come and hang out.
  21. bamburgb

    Misc Equipment

    I have a 40B set up for sale, comes with tank, black wood stand, ASM mini G protein skimmer, a sunsun powerhead and a return pump (not sure make or anything). The tank was drilled and has bulkheads on it just needs piping - $100 29 Gallon bio cube with black stand, HQI light, glass top, protein skimmer, some extra replacement filters and small hydor kralia pump - $300 Unknown brand protein skimmer used on my 180 gallon reef tank - $50 If your interested in something let me know may come down on price a little hit me up with any offers worst I can say is no.
  22. bamburgb

    Breakdown sale

    I would take the short polyp leather and the pincushion urchin if still available
  23. bamburgb

    The unfortunate 93 cube breakdown.

    Sent a PM
  24. bamburgb

    How to rehome livestock?

    I would say anyone on the forum who would be willing to take them would ensure they went to a good home, everyone on here loves the hobby and seems to take good care of there critters. As for if to sell as a set or individually I would say list out what you have and do individual sales, not many people I know of looking for an aquariums worth of fish all at once, and I dont know if any of the LFS's do consignment for fish.