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  1. Anthelia - any value/free???

    thank you for the input. I went ahead and just pulled out everything that was not isolated to a single rock. that stuff grows fast......
  2. I've have a few things I'd like to get rid of that are just taking space and could be used. If you don't like the prices, shoot me an offer cash or trade for coral. ~10lbs of live rock - $20 CPR HOB Skimmer with Maxijet 1200 - $25 Eheim - 2224-37 Professionel Canister filter (185gph, up to 65g Aquarium) - $50 Koralia Nano 425 Powerhead - $15 Sicce Nano Powerhead (only used about 4m) - $20
  3. I have some anthelia in my tank that is going to town so I need either trade or give some of it away. Does this coral really have any value?
  4. Get your pom poms out

    sorry it took so long on the reply, i just noticed the question.
  5. Get your pom poms out

    Cuttlefish and Corals
  6. Get your pom poms out

    Got a nice one of this little guy tonight.
  7. can i use some 9m old unused sand?

    thanks everyone. So I did go ahead and use it. BUT, before I did - i put about a cup of it in some salt water and mixed it up then let it settle. Tested for ammonia and nitrates and both were 0 which was great. used about 1.5" of sand, moved about 1/2 the water over from my old tank, topped off with new water and matured live rock. Took about a day for the fog to dissipate and the tank was good to go - it didn't even cycle.
  8. WTB Nano skimmer

    I have a Hydor Slim Skim that's only about 6m old. I just upgraded my tank and no longer need it if you're interested. I've also sealed it so it acts as a nice overflow. I also have a CPR HOB skimmer that needs a pump I'd sell super cheap if you'd rather that. - Matt
  9. Clown and Mandarin

    yes - they'll still eat pods, he's always foraging around. But, they've been raised on Calanus and pellets so they'll eat that too. I shut off the power heads and pumps and then spot feed the area he always seams to return to. Right now i'm doing pellets in the morning and Calanus in the evening, no spiking in nitrates so my tank is stable with the extra feeding. Just wanting to make sure he's eating.
  10. Clown and Mandarin

    Yep - it is.
  11. Clown and Mandarin

    Nice picture of the clown and mandarin I picked up a couple weeks ago at cuttlefish. Made themselves right at home!
  12. question - i'm moving to a bit bigger tank and I have some CaribSea Arag-Alive sand that I didn't originally use and still in the bag (about 9m old). I can see through the clear parts some of the green/pink bacteria growing in there. am i better off getting new sand or I should be good? Thanks!
  13. I have a very small tank that's been up and running for 8m with a few small coral frags doing nicely. I have some bare LR in there but have too much in there for the tank size and really just want to pull it and put in a few nice colorful colonized rocks in there. Let me know if you have something - THANK YOU! - Matt
  14. Does this mean my tank is happy?!?!

    ha! next is a Jesus rendition to be on par with the web sightings in toast and potatoes...etc..... I don't think a coralline algae one has been documented yet!