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  1. Finding I don't have the time lately to care of my tank so I'm looking to sell the setup for now. This tank has been going for about year and a half and is running solid. I'd like to sell it all but if I have to part out, of course livestock will go first. Looking to get $450 out of it but to try and move it $350 - I think that's pretty fair given the quality of equipment, all the coral and livestock in there. I'll add some pictures from my phone - thanks for looking! Equipment IM Nuvo Fusion 10g IM Spinstream IM Filter Basket AI Prime HD Cobalt Aquatics Heater Extra Pump ~7lbs of liverock Livestock Snowflake Clown Pistol Shrimp Cleaner Shrimp Sexy Shrimp Pom Pom Crab w BOTH anemones. Emerald Crab Porcelain Crab Clean up crew (Astria Snails, Fighting conch, Nasarrius Snails) Coral Toadstool Leather (8" across) Captain America Zoa (~8 heads) Orange Oxide Zoa (rock covered) God of War Zoa (~20 heads) Green Pallys (~15 heads) Incredible Hulk (growing like crazy) Hammerhead (1 head) Misc mushrooms (5) Frogspawn bi-color (2 heads)
  2. It’s good up to 60g. I’m over in Beaverton - could meet you somewhere too.
  3. I have a CPR HOB skimmer that I'd be happy donate for the school. I've tried to sell or trade for a while and still have it - so if it works for you, I guess it was meant to be
  4. Absolutely - all yours!! Geez twist my arm to go into CNC... I guess I can do that... oh wait you didn’t ask me to go there
  5. ha - fish are friends, not food!! well, at least this fish @CrabbyCrabs : I'm in Beaverton not far off of 185th and yes, a goldfish or coy. It's actually not mine - my co-worker knows I'm a fish guy and asked if I knew of anyone that could take him because his tank is too small. A pond would be great!
  6. For the freshwater peeps out there, this guys free to a good home. About 4" long and healthy. - Matt
  7. I have't been a part of one of these but would be interested.
  8. Mine hosts in a green toadstool leather.
  9. I've had this sitting around for a while and it needs a place to go. I need an ATO or coral.... or whatever. hit me up.
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