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  1. Mchums

    Sps grow out contest?

    I have't been a part of one of these but would be interested.
  2. Mchums

    Clowns and Hosting

    Mine hosts in a green toadstool leather.
  3. Mchums

    WTT CPR HOB Skimmer

    I've had this sitting around for a while and it needs a place to go. I need an ATO or coral.... or whatever. hit me up.
  4. Mchums

    Japanese Puffer Fish

    So cool!
  5. Mchums

    Looking For Blue Tang

    I have a CPR HOB skimmer that I'd sell to you cheap. I was about to put it up for trades for coral but whatever works, it needs a home and to be used! https://www.marineandreef.com/CPR_Aquatic_Bak_Pak_2R_Reef_Ready_Protein_Skimmer_p/RCPR02072.htm?gclid=Cj0KCQjwiJncBRC1ARIsAOvG-a6tsR1JYZVgBx3QkQbm7ZrvA6HWWbZwIM4-gRYwRXhBd5hnp_6Cn4oaApaZEALw_wcB - Matt
  6. Mchums

    Odds & Ends

    ahh bummer. ok, thanks. - Matt
  7. I’ll take a citrus mistress and apple berry monti if still available. I can grab at the meeting.
  8. My wife had a stroke last month and between finances and time, I hate to but need to part with my tank for a bit. It's been up and running for about 10m now. Would like to try to sell as one unit for now, will part out if it doesn't move. Tank is healthy. Looking to get $450 or-best-offer. I can add more pictures if needed. Equipment Nuvo Fusion 10g Spinstream Custom Caddy media basket (1 chamber chemi-pure, other polyfil) Upgraded Pump AI Prime led w/ wire mounting kit Power control/temp monitor (Alexa compatible) Cobalt Aquatics Electronic Neo-Therm Heater ~7lbs live rock Livestock 1 snowflake clown 1 cleaner shrimp 1 Pom-Pom crab w both anenomies 2 Astria snails 2 Nassarius snails Coral 1 hammer - 2 heads 1 frogspawn, bi-color 1 Recordia 3 mushrooms Frag of Incredible Hulk (growing fast) Sakura sunrise frag - ~10 polyps Captain America frag - ~10 polyps God of war frag - ~5 polyps God of war colony 1 medium/large toadstool Group of Paly's (green w/ black stripes) Anthelia (it's isolated to a rock that can be scrubbed if you don't want it.) Galaxy - struggling
  9. Mchums

    Coral Giveaway!

    Share the love!
  10. Mchums

    Looking for a ~40g for my daughter

    You rock! Could you get me the dimensions? Any idea who makes it - just want to check on if there’s a lid I can buy or if I need to make one. Thank You!! Matt
  11. Mchums

    Looking for a ~40g for my daughter

    lol - i saw that but was too late. Which got me thinking - I have had tanks in my garage before I wanted to get rid of Thanks!
  12. Looking to build a terrarium to house a snake for my 10yo daughter who LOVES them (actually she loves any animal). Any new hobby takes that big initial investment so I thought I'd see if anyone out there has a ~40 gallon sitting around that they want to get rid of. It's not holding water so it doesn't have to be water tight but would like something that looks good/or will clean up nicely. I'll transport. I don't have a lot to trade (canister filter, HOB skimmer) and or some cash. Thanks! Matt
  13. I've moved two households over the last 3 weeks and finally coming up for air.... Glad these are working well for everyone!!! Only feature I still want to see is an alarm on my phone when the thresholds are hit to turn on or off. There's a log you can access through the settings up in the right but I'd like to see a pop up. - Matt
  14. ok awesome - i'll do the distilled for tonight. just lost track of time, long day!!! thank you both!
  15. We just moved today and i need to top off my water and I’m out.... ugh. Let me know if you do, otherwise I’ll have to see what petco has to get me by tonight thanks! Matt 503-329-7659