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  1. You know, I just pop in every now and then to see if anyone found a cure for AEFW yet. Well, I guess not yet.
  2. kriz2fer

    My weight loss story

    You look great.
  3. kriz2fer

    235gal rimless build

    Tanks looking great!
  4. kriz2fer

    Another school shooting? Really?

    Lexi we have over 320 MILLION PEOPLE in the us. Australia has 28 MILLION PEOPLE DO YOU SEE the difference? do you honestly think apples to apples?
  5. kriz2fer

    Another school shooting? Really?

    lexi we don't have a constitutional right to street race. The founding fathers believed that the citizens keeping guns help keep us from tyranny in check. Its the second amendment.
  6. kriz2fer

    Another school shooting? Really?

    I stayed in japan for over a month. You cannot compare the two trust me. We are not them and so your logic does not apply to the US. If you really want to compare just look at Chicago, the place with the strictest gun laws nation wide.....also has the highest murder rate in the us.
  7. kriz2fer

    Another school shooting? Really?

    BINGO! It always starts small.
  8. kriz2fer

    Another school shooting? Really?

    An AR is a semi auto. You do understand its not even close to the military specs. Its no different then hand gun or semi riffle. If it was auto then you'd have a point.
  9. kriz2fer

    Another school shooting? Really?

    The guns in these shootings were purchased LEGALLY. Nothing you wrote would have stopped this shooting. If you took the gun from your parents and shot the school or stole it from a friend, someone bought it legally. The only way to stop these shootings is to take all the guns away. Thats why nothing gets done in congress, none of the background checks will stop a situation like this.
  10. kriz2fer

    Another school shooting? Really?

    Yes a background check would have stopped this....MEH How about he last major school shooting? Background check Most of all these shootings come from people who have no criminal past. Nothing you can do but take guns away completely.
  11. kriz2fer

    Wtb Oregon tort

    The newer members don't know the old school days very well.
  12. kriz2fer

    Brian67 200 gallon starfire

    Looks fantastic.
  13. kriz2fer

    Already addicted noob

    I hope you don't like money. Owning a reef tank is like throwing a pile of money in a bowl and lighting it on fire. But I'm sure you'll enjoy your new tank. Lots of fun.
  14. kriz2fer

    DIY Flatworm Exit Mishap - Tank Crash

    Watch yourself reading online. I know exactly what that stuff is but opt not to try based on others results. We used to use that stuff on birds when they were infested with bugs.
  15. kriz2fer

    ATI T5 fixture the right choice?

    Metal halides. If your sps don't look good under metal halides your doing something else wrong.