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  1. New 33 gallon Aquamaxx

    Sourced a live rock from Terry @Seahorse Aquarium and deposited it on Tuesday...That's it in the lower left corner of the photo. The polyps may(?) make it through the cycle we can hope. They have semi opened, but aren't fully in bloom. My AI is running at 20s for all of the spectrum with a 2hr ramp up / 8 hours on / 2hr ramp down. Not sure if that is too much (?) I don't want to accelerate the inavoidable diatom or algae bloom but I also want to give the little guys enough light that they have a fighting chance. Misc note. I'm evaporating at ~1gal / every other day. I will be buying an ATO sooner than later. I'm also still stymied by the return flow.... this weekend I will take another swing at that and try and determine if I need to add a durso-ish vent to the drain or if there is something obstructing flow in the tube. More to come.
  2. New 33 gallon Aquamaxx

    My 33 gallon (24x18x18) Aquamaxx purchased locally / used. Stand was made from 'Hopkins workbench kit' which is probably overbuilt for what I'm doing. Next up - Dry rocks.
  3. Seed Rock / Seed Sand

    Thanks all. We can close this thread. I have a small piece of LR from a LFS. Really appreciate all the offers for help - great forum / great community.
  4. I'll be mixing water and filling up my tank full of dry rocks / dry sand next week. Looking for somone in PDX (NE but not picky) who can spare a half cup of sand and a small (lemon size would be fine) chunk of rock to help me feed the cycling process. Will pay currency or trade for beverages. Thanks. Nate
  5. 92g Oregon Reef

    Looks fantastic. Welcome to PNW.
  6. New 33 gallon Aquamaxx

    Pic of the supply
  7. New 33 gallon Aquamaxx

    Pic of the Drain,
  8. New 33 gallon Aquamaxx

    Received my RODI unit mid last week, didn't get around to starting to mix water/salt until Saturday. Had the usual 3x trips to the Hardware store before I had all of the fittings, buckets, and pumps I needed. Mixed 20 gallons pumped into the display and sump, then started the next 20 gallons. Woke up 2a Sunday morning restless and walked downstairs... the rodi supply line had flipped itself off of the tank. Luckily my tank is 10' from the floor drain so not the end of the world. This am around halftime (go Vikings) I topped off the rest of the display and did a few test runs with the Rio 1700 that I was planning to use as a return pump (3/4 supply, 1x return drilled) was outrunning the drain. It is/was rated for < 700 gph so I thought maybe I'm just too close to the max a 1" drain could handle. I switched over to Mag 3 (350 gph) but when I set it up the same thing happened. It would fill display faster than water could drain. Lastly (currently) I added an inline ball valve and throttled down to the supply line. Now my water level is stable, the tank is cloudy, and I can start to let things settle. I've got the return volume somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 gph (guess) and I have a MJ1200 that is configured in 'circulation mode' which should be turning ~1000 gph in the display. Hopefully this is enough flow for now.
  9. +1 for testing for phosphates. I would check the RO/DI water source before and after mixing salt, and check the levels in the tank before and after the change. Sometimes when problems persist or get worse after 'big' water changes there is a problem with the water supply or the mix. Sorry for your troubles. Nate
  10. Timing of adding skimmer

    Thanks cjmdh and TheClark.
  11. Timing of adding skimmer

    Good morning, I'll be mixing up water in the next day or two, and adding seed rock and sand to my tank hopefully this weekend. I'm considering holding off for a few weeks to let my tank cycle on its own prior to adding a protein skimmer. My thoughts are that the initial ammonia -> nitrite -> nitrate cycle needs to happen unencumbered... I would time the addition of a skimmer to coincide with adding livestock a few weeks down the road. Any thoughts? Nate (fwiw - My tank specs are in the build thread under nano's)
  12. Hey everyone!

    Looks awesome. +1 for another cool square tank/cube.
  13. Ryan’s 150G DD Marineland Build

    Looks great. I really dig "square" display tanks.
  14. Seed Rock / Seed Sand

    Sharklover thanks for the offer. I'm going to try Oregonic first - I'll send a pm if aren't able to connect. Oregonic - PM sent. Thanks everyone.
  15. New 33 gallon Aquamaxx

    Yes - Terry made me a deal on it around noon. I'm the tall/greybeard fellow.
  16. New 33 gallon Aquamaxx

    Let there be light... Yesterday I painted the back of the display black, and also picked up a used AI prime light, and some plumbing bits. This morning I plumbed the supply and return, then I got the lights set up. For now I'm taking the 'easy setup' defaults for color mix, and only changed the dusk/dawn times. Next week I'll start mixing water.
  17. Looks great - thanks Chief.
  18. For a newb it isn't always clear within the sponsor section where the company or store is based. A flag or some marker that indicated which city the business is located in would be helpful.
  19. New 33 gallon Aquamaxx

    Howdy, My wife spotted a 20h on sale and surprised me with it (who hoo). I'm going to re-purpose the Brute can to water change duties. So far I have 10lbs of sand in there now, I'll probably add another 15. That plus the 50lbs of rock will be my primary filtration. I'll watch and add a skimmer down the road if needed. The tank is in the basement 10' from my water source and my drain so doing changes will be a snap. At this point regarding livestock I am all over the place, but want to keep it mellow. Either a pair of clowns or a single goby, or maybe a single royal gramma.
  20. Hawaiian fish collection ban

    This is a bummer. My fear is that banning controlled/permitted collection in the US will only incentivize uncontrolled/unpermitted/destructive collections elsewhere in the PacRim. https://mauitime.com/news/science-and-environment/hawaii-supreme-court-slaps-dlnr-on-commercial-aquarium-fishing-permits/ Nate
  21. yeah for my clown fish :)

    pdxmonkeyboy - Congrats! Also really digging the color on that clown.
  22. Thanks all! I'll give that circuit a try.
  23. Rest in peace Woody!

    Sending our thoughts and prayers for his daughter, and son in law.
  24. I'm in NE near Concordia U (real close to the Kennedy school for the next group meeting). I'm not too far from Woody's and not too far from the December meeting at Kennedy school. I don't mind driving to check out a shop. Thanks for considering the suggestion.
  25. New 33 gallon Aquamaxx

    Here's my initial attempt at aquascaping. 50 lbs dry rock from reeflcleaners, 10 lbs Aragonite sand.