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  1. coast541

    Share the love is back!

    share the love #3
  2. coast541

    Coastal Residents (around newport)

    Theirs always the casino in lincoln city.
  3. coast541

    Coastal Residents (around newport)

    700. is cheap lincoln city is mostly higher, what kind of work ken
  4. coast541

    How long have you been in this hobby?

    Started fw in about 1966 still have some fw sw fish only in 1993 reef off & on from 1999
  5. coast541

    marine depot order

    Really funny quite the imagination
  6. coast541

    A Little Help!!

    done will vote again tomorrow
  7. coast541

    Parting out 120 everything must go!

    PM sent............
  8. coast541

    Corals 4 Sale2

    Are you goeing to the meeting Sunday
  9. coast541

    Happy Father's Day!!!

  10. coast541

    Happy birthday KIM!

    Happy Birthday Kim
  11. coast541

    Breaking the cube down

    P M sent on rock
  12. coast541

    Share the LOVE

    Share the Love on the Coast
  13. coast541

    I'm Back!! Big frag sale!!

    I would be interested in one of the last zoa packs