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  1. Hey Mike, I'm in Eugene too. I would love to trade frags for contractor advice!
  2. You probably already know this, Bulk Reef Supply did a clown harem tank. There is a ton of info on BRStv.
  3. Thanks Waffles for the great TDF frag! It was nice meeting you this evening.
  4. I'll take the TDF if you still have it. I'm in Eugene.
  5. Downsizing sale. The tank is 150 gallons, 5'x2'x2', 1/2" beveled glass. There are several scratches on the front side. Corner overflow with a 2" hole in bottom. $150, I"m in Eugene. . ][/URL]tp://s1152.photobucket.com/user/Rbatch-70/media/IMG_2194_zpsocqzsfx2.jpg.html][/URL] The glory days
  6. I have one if you 're still looking.
  7. Good luck Randy, let me know if I can be any help.
  8. I run a 250w radium and two OR SO26 led's over my 150g.
  9. Just wanted to let everyone know about the great customer service I received from Ocean Revive. Bo and Kelly were great. They repaired my Arctic-SO26 fixture that was three months passed it's warranty. I wouldn't hesitate to order lights from Ocean Revive again in the future.
  10. How do I pm a sponsor? I don't see that option. Should I just start a thread on his page?
  11. I'm having trouble with one of my Ocean Revive Arctic SO26 fixtures. The blue leds stopped working Saturday. I emailed customer service about the problem and was told to try swapping the drivers to see if that was the problem. It was not. I emailed customer service again and explained that was not the solution but haven't heard back. Does anyone have any ideas that I can try? The fixture is 1 year and 3 months old, so I'm passed the warranty. Any help is appreciated.
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