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  1. *SOLD* - AI Hydra52's for sale

    Wow great deal.. these should be gone in a few minutes!
  2. Can't lower nitrate

    If you have the room, could try adding a murinepure block. Seem to help out a lot!
  3. Getting back into the game after 20(ish) years

    Accidentally bought a Red Sea Max, I like that haha. And good choice!
  4. The dangers we face are finally made known

    Is it just palys that do this? Or would zoas do the same thing?
  5. Looking for a few things

    Looking for in good condition: Two ac70s intank ac70 media basket ai prime HD I’ll add more but that’s it for now 😂
  6. WTB reefer 350 Deluxe

    Looking for a reefer 350 deluxe in white. Great or new condition. Might even take a 250 depending on the price
  7. WTB 20 long

    Looking for a 20L with an overflow box in good condition with no scratches. Also a nice looking stand that is a little oversized and on the taller side would be great. Not needed though! Or similar type tank. Looking for a lagoon style and short type tank!
  8. Lagoon 25 and equipment for sale

    Someone come pick this up, I'll throw in the digital refractometer, been used one time if it's sells today or tomorrow
  9. Lagoon 25 and equipment for sale

    Also comes with algea magnet scraper and two 5 gallon water jugs.
  10. Full set up for sale. $350 and includes 25g Nuvo lagoon with return pump needs a vinegar rinse 150w Kessil light with mount 2x in tank media basket upgrades handmade stand digital thermometer 100w jager heater jeboa pp4 wavemaker Also for sale is a Milwaukee digital refractometer $50 http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/milwaukee-digital-seawater-refractometer.html
  11. Live stock for sale

    Still up.
  12. Live stock for sale

  13. Live stock for sale

    Still available
  14. Live stock for sale

    Vancouver off exit 4 on i5
  15. Live stock for sale

    Taking a job in Arizona and between getting ready and putting the house up for sale my tank has been neglected for a good month. Lots of algae and a few aptasia has sprouted. $100 for everything in the tank. Must take all. Pair of black ice clowns Zoas include rastas, bam bans, the a couple ransoms. Toadstool small red and green bubble anemone pulsing Xenia lots of snails and 10-15lb of rock. No parting, come with buckets and bags and take everything living