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  1. Can't beat the deals on the radion g4 pros with diffusers.. lots are up for sale cheap from people switching to the g5s
  2. Nope, they just hang out on the back wall right now, I’ll give them a week or two and then try the acrylic tube trick if they don’t find it.
  3. Thanks again. And for the the nem!
  4. I’ll take it. Can pick up tomorrow if you’re free
  5. Seen a lot of complaints too. I almost bought a pair but decided on some G4’s with a t5 hybrid. So far probably the best light setup I’ve had yet.
  6. I’ll take one! Was heading to cuttlefish tomorrow so kind of perfect timing You rock
  7. No reason to order the lower one, that is easy to check. Just turn your return pump off and unscrew the lower unit and check it. From the pictures it definitely looks like the upper.
  8. I’ve never once cracked the bulk head ring. It’s either been the upper or lower pipe.
  9. You can do it while full, I have my S/O hold the bottom pipe in the stand and I hand tighten from the top
  10. Very easy to over tighten these and crack them. Have done it twice 😂. On the plus side it’s super easy to replace, first try cleaning it and tightening it up a bit to see if it’s loose. If it’s cracked/defected fish tank direct carry’s all the plumbing parts.
  11. What beach? I didn’t know we had sea snakes in this area.
  12. Light Sold Algae scubber still available, also willing to trade for 2 nero 5's. Can throw some cash in on my end
  13. Price drop. $275 for light and mounts $225 for algae scrubber
  14. To many people complaining in the comments on live stream. Jeff is doing something nice for everyone, people are rude.
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