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  1. I did the opposite of what every forum says and just scrubbed them off, popping them and all. Then did a water change and they never came back, might of just been lucky but popping them didn’t spread them or have them come back.
  2. Interesting read thank you. Would be cool to see pictures of the tanks corresponding with the colors in the chart. Definitely interested to see group D and C’s tanks
  3. Going to be up in Vancouver on Sunday, planning on stopping by and checking out the shop!
  4. Because every tank, flow, nutrients, lighting, camera used are different for everyone so the same algae can look ten different ways in ten different tanks. Looks like cyno, do a blackout for 2-3 days and should clear up.
  5. Edited the first post to just the items that are left. Home all weekend!
  6. Apex has been sold. Make some offers let’s clear the rest out! Also looking for a light that would work with a planted tank standard 20g
  7. Adding a Bulk Reef supply Plus 75gph to the list. Probably needs some new filters. $100 RoDI
  8. Career and life changes so here we go, everything is broken down, cleaned and in perfect working condition. I'm in Gresham, Oregon. Will be home today, and all weekend. 971-301-1365 First up is a Reefer 170, white cabinet, Painted the sump white on all sides except the front so it's clean, bright, and easy to see into the sump. Changed out the filter sock for a cup that you can put whatever you want in it, much nicer. Has a light in the cabinet that when you open the door it turns on. Has a custom made acrylic top with feeding port. Will come with Tank, Stand, Sump, all plumbing, top, Ehhem compact 3000 return pump, and a finnex 300w Titanium heater, and a magnetic algae scrapper. $700 - SOLD Red Sea RSK 300 Skimmer, works amazing, has veiwing window and new cleaner. $200 - SOLD MP10QD 2015 Manf. Date, Still works fine. $125 Bulk Reef Supply GFO/Carbon Deluxe reactor, no pump but comes with almost full Carbon and half of GFO container. Just needs a maxijet or something to run it. $30 Pair of Maxspect Gyre XF230's with the controller and extra blades. $225 Clear Water 100 Algae Scrubber $275 Kessil Tuna Blue A80 with goosneck - $75
  9. Looks like you are not getting enough light. When polyp’s extend like that they are trying to get closer to the light.
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