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  1. You can swap out the return pump to see if it fixes the problem. Would be the quickest way to diagnose a pump or a blockage peoblem. If you don’t have an extra return pump I’m sure someone on here would let you borrow one. Or even @CuttleFishandCoral since you’re out that way.
  2. If it happens after the pump has been off during a water change I'd assume it's something with the pump, I wouldn't keep tightening the redsea plumbing, it can be over tighten very easily which will cause it to start leaking eventually.
  3. I’ve been following reefbot since it’s already released. There is a bit owners thread in reef2reef with the majority of owners reporting problems. Im really hoping apex has a smooth release. It’s good they are doing so many rounds of NSI testing to get it right.
  4. I wish I had this kind of dedication. I can force myself to do it for a few days in a row. Then I realize it’s been 2 weeks since I’ve tested anything.
  5. Does anyone have dreams about your tank? Had one last night that the apex trident was released 😂 I don’t know about the rest of you but I hate testing. The thought of never testing again and always knowing your alk, mag, calc, salinity, and ph is just makes me overly excited. Every now and then adjust your dosers as things are growing. Apex has already made things much easier, but I feel like this will be the best thing in reef keeping. I know it will be around $700 when it comes out, but I’d pay $1500 today if they would give me one of the tester units. Apparently I’m incredibly lazy 😳
  6. I run one large turbo snail, 1 nasarius snail, filter floss and two chemi pure blue nano packets in a 14 gallon and have 0 algae issues. Dont think you will need a fish to help with algae in a tank this size. 5 gallon water change per week with vacuuming the sand and it’s good to go
  7. Just all the more reason to visit cuttlefish and corals 😁
  8. They can be turned way down and move a nice flow at 10-20%. But two would definitely be over kill
  9. My yaeyamaensis coral (octopus coral) is getting rather large and is starting to sting other corals near by. Looks like it tagged one of my ricordias today. Anyone know how to frag one of these? I know a normal frog spawn you can just break heads off, but this type is a continuous encrustation that is solid. Do you just hack saw right through it and hope it lives or?
  10. Tank has been sold and picked up. Other items still for sale
  11. To add to this, the $10/15 frag tank on the back wall have zoa eating nudis. Dip everything from there.
  12. Nuvo spoken for
  13. Have a few things to clear out First up is an IM Nuvo Fusion 10 gallon AIO, I upgraded to a bigger AIO, no scratches, comes with a brand new upgraded 211gph pump, stock pump was only 92gph. Has a brand new Filter sock, has the screen top with clips. $50 Pending Next up is a Clear Water External Algae Scrubber, I had it running for a month on my tank and truthfully my tank wasn't stocked enough to run this, it stripped all the nutrients and made the water way to clean. Someone who likes to feed a lot or has a lot of fish would benefit from it! $275 And last I have a Maxspect XF230 with the advanced controller ($290 new) and then a second xf230 ($140 new). 4 new blades, new sleeves. They only have 4 months run time on them. $325
  14. Looking to build one of those algae reactors, figured I’d see if anyone has a reactor laying around before buying a new one. Something like this https://www.marinedepot.com/AquaMaxx_FR_SE_GFO_Carbon_and_Biopellet_Hang_On_Filter_Media_Reactor_Internal_Filter-AquaMaxx-UJ45107-FIFRIT-vi.html
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