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  1. CrazyInside

    Reef Stuff For Sale

  2. CrazyInside

    September Picture of the Month - Full Tank Shot

    Pretty sad in the coral department right now 😂
  3. CrazyInside

    Reef Stuff For Sale

    Reefer 350 Sold!
  4. CrazyInside

    Tank finally clearing up

    Looks good. What dimensions is that tank?
  5. CrazyInside

    Reef Stuff For Sale

  6. CrazyInside


    These are used at the expo centers during fishing hunting expos to show lures and what not in the water. A guy will stand at one end and cast stuff so you can see how it reacts in the water
  7. CrazyInside

    Acan needs a new home

    I’ll take it if it’s okay I can’t make it until Saturday. I’m in Ridgefield so pretty close to you
  8. CrazyInside

    September Meeting Frag Swap 2018

    Also interested in buying some corals as I don’t have much to frag right now. Anyone selling euphyllia’s or softies? Would be nice to find some that are larger than frags as well.
  9. CrazyInside

    Reef Stuff For Sale

    Reefer pending
  10. CrazyInside

    Reef Stuff For Sale

    I’m located in the Vancouver/Ridgefield area, but also work next to the moda center in Portland. Either spot works for pick-up Cleaning out some extra reef stuff, mainly looking for cash, but will consider trades for crypto, silver bullion, or corals First up 70lbs or Dry Reef Cleaner Rock, some have been in the water and have a bit of algae on them, some never in the water. Good mix of pieces most pretty large - $70 Have a 300W and a 150W jager heater, the 300w has never been used, the 150w was used a couple times to heat water change water. $10 for 150w, $15 for 300w Dog Pet Barrier for cars, Never used still in the box - $15 Nuvo Fusion 10 AIO. Never seen water still in the box - $75 Clear Water CW-100 Algae Scrubber, ran it for about 3 weeks and it works amazing, just decided my sump space is to small and hard to work in with it installed - $200 Reefer 350 Tank only, Brand new never seen water. Has one small flaw which is some writing on the back wall in the lower right corner. Can't see it unless you put a flashlight to it - $400 SOLD
  11. CrazyInside

    Buy 3 get one free this weekend!

    Awesome, I’ll be in tomorrow then!
  12. CrazyInside

    Buy 3 get one free this weekend!

    Do you happen to have a flame angel in stock?
  13. CrazyInside

    Live rock

    Okay. I tried sending you a PM but it won’t let me I’d take 20lbs if that works
  14. CrazyInside

    Live rock

    Did this come out of a system? Any pest or aptasia on it?
  15. CrazyInside

    Quick Apex question

    I do have it connected to the gyre controller, I have it on a weird random flow setting that cycles between random flows of -50 to +40. That controller is nightmare to use so if the simple one line code works to turn it off for 10 min then that is good enough for me haha. Thank you for the reply!