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  1. CrazyInside

    Reefer 350 For sale

    How about 500
  2. CrazyInside

    For sale Red Sea Reefer 350

    That’s a good price, good luck with your sale!
  3. CrazyInside

    Need a tank with overflow asap

    Thank you, but I really need something around the 20 gallon range. Anything that’s drilled, tank only.
  4. Having an issue with my tank, anyone have a drilled 20 Long or something around that size for sale? or if I bought a 20 Long how hard is it to make an overflow for it
  5. CrazyInside

    Stores in vancouver area?

    Maybe you could open one? Seems like you wouldn't have to much competition. I know I'd enjoy not driving to Portland every time I need something
  6. CrazyInside

    Found fish fry in filter sock.

    What fish do you have in your system that is a pair or more?
  7. CrazyInside

    Quinn's RSR 450 Build

    I want one of those aquatic life hybrid lights to use with my hydra 26 HD’s. The leds just don’t give me the “brightsness” a t5 fixture does. Just like my reefer 350 sleekness to much though to add that bulky thing over my tank, might go for it though once I see how yours looks!
  8. CrazyInside

    Reefer 350 For sale

  9. CrazyInside

    Grow Out Ricordea?

    Nope, but I want one of those when it splits! 😜🤤
  10. +1 vote for the mangrove, I think that would look cool
  11. CrazyInside

    Coral Giveaway!

    Share the love
  12. CrazyInside

    Reefer 350 For sale

    Home all weekend
  13. CrazyInside

    Thinking about up-sizing

    I have a brand new reefer 350, 47x20x20. 1/2 ultra clear glass drilled with overflow. Also have the same tank setup so you can see one running in person if you’re interested
  14. CrazyInside

    Quinn's RSR 450 Build

    Yeah they are, I just stare at it empty every night when I get home haha. But it’s almost taking ammonia down to 0 in 24 hours so I’m getting close, the Tim’s cycle is pretty quick! build thread
  15. CrazyInside

    Quinn's RSR 450 Build

    Awesome! Looks like we are at about the same time frame, I'm also doing the tims one and only cycle on my 350! Defiantly following along