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  1. Looking for a 36” hybrid fixture, white is preferred but could do black as well.
  2. I'm going with an algae scrubber for AIO tanks, like the waterboxes and red sea aios. Looks like it would fit in one of the chambers
  3. https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/for/d/willamina-red-sea-reefer-450-saltwater/7018708046.html
  4. Looking to pick up a nano all in one tank with a nice stand. something like a nuvo 20 or similar, let me know a price if you have one laying around
  5. Yeah I have a bunch of it. Just got lazy from cutting out the squares 😂 but definitely works better
  6. I’ve ran a few Of these IM tanks, still have 14g peninsula up. The filter socks ended up being a pain in the [language filter]. Bought some InTank media baskets and a bag of filter floss off amazon. Just walk by pull it out and drop a new ball in, saves a lot of time and hassle.
  7. For 50$ bucks more getting a 25 gallon with nice stand and an AI prime, I'd be all over that over the 13g fluval
  8. If it just kills the GSP I'm fine with that, just didn't want the nem to kick it. Thanks for the reply
  9. https://portland.craigslist.org/clc/for/d/sandy-innovative-marine-25-lagoon/7017601790.html Pretty good price considering it comes with the stand and upgraded pump plus spin streams. Maybe talk him down to 200-225 for it and get a used AI prime or kessil.
  10. Is this something I should be worried about or try and move him? He footed himself right on top of some gsp.
  11. I did the opposite of what every forum says and just scrubbed them off, popping them and all. Then did a water change and they never came back, might of just been lucky but popping them didn’t spread them or have them come back.
  12. Interesting read thank you. Would be cool to see pictures of the tanks corresponding with the colors in the chart. Definitely interested to see group D and C’s tanks
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