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  1. If you’re growing out sps you need to check calcium often to make sure you’re upping the dosage amount as colonies/frags grow
  2. BRS started selling early last night around 11:45pm. Said they had 60 units, got my order in at 11:55 and was down to 40 units left. Got an email today saying I’m put on back order, so they clearly bumped me for there higher spending customers that didn’t make it in time. Marine Depot is 100x better
  3. Well Bulk reef supply screwed me. I order when there was still 40 in stock before midnight. They just emailed me this: “Although we try our best to maintain 100% accuracy with inventory, we made a mistake and the Trident - Marine Aquarium Water Analyzer - Neptune Systems that you just ordered is not currently available. I’m sorry - I know this is an exciting new product and having to wait a bit longer is disappointing. I want you to know that we already have another shipment in the works to fulfill your order as soon as possible. We will ship the Trident to you as soon as it arrives or we can cancel and refund the full cost to you at any time. Also, because we weren’t able to ship this out to you right away, we will be giving you $20 in BRS points to use on a future order with us. Thank you for your patience and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. “ I was way bedore most, pretty shady
  4. Wow that’s not a bad idea haha. Should have ordered 3 haha
  5. Dang was in a rush ordering missed that
  6. Monday, how did you manage that, mine says Wednesday 😑
  7. It says they’re out of stock now LOL. I hope they didn’t over sell and we get put on a waiting list
  8. I stayed up just for this, the only reason I bought my Apex was because I saw the trident at the expo last year 😂. Good bye test kits!
  9. Your estimated delivery date is: Wednesday May 15th, 2019 Your Order #11011xxxxx (placed on May 8, 2019 1:55:58 AM CDT) Make that 43 left 😏
  10. Ohhhh gues who’s staying up until midnight 😁 What site can we order from?
  11. Not an app but I just ordered one of these and it made a huge difference. Just using normal camera with auto settings. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07L26R3RT/ref=sspa_mw_detail_0?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Comes with a “macro” lens was well.
  12. I’ll definitely be on the assuming long waitlist when it drops
  13. Good thing they had tile/marble flooring 😳
  14. [language filter] it! Been watching everyday and I missed it! Alt list please 😒
  15. I sold 1 gyre and the controller, have just 1 pump by it'self left
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