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  1. Looks like you are not getting enough light. When polyp’s extend like that they are trying to get closer to the light.
  2. Ever since I left my heater on and cooked my tank I’ve been having an algae issues I just can’t solve. Really never had an algae issue before, or at least one some skimming and gfo can’t fix. It’s not mats of algae or hair algae, just individual string looking stuff all over. I’ll post some pictures, anyone know what kind this is and what’s the best way to get rid of it, or is it just a waiting period from all the die off I had when I cooked everything? 654DAE73-960A-4549-86E8-BEA06577DBC3.MOV
  3. Used Fritz for a few years, lately the batches have been super inconsistent to the point I ended up switching to Red Sea coral Pro
  4. Thank you everyone this forum is pretty amazing! Little update, I just finished pulling out most of the dead I could get off the rocks, did a big water change and all the fish/inverts are looking pretty good so that's a plus. I'm heading to Vegas in the morning until next Thursday so hopefully when I get back everything will have settled down and see what all pulled through coral wise. As of last night I still had 2 sps alive, out of around 30ish... so better than nothing I suppose. Ordered a controller for my heater for a backup to keep this from happening again, also when I get back i'll be going through my Apex to look for other redundancies I'm missing. And if anyone is interested, I have a lot of this rare white zombie sps for trade, may not get much growth... but it won't die on you either 😄
  5. I’m using a finnex titanium heater without a thermostat on it. Just using the apex to control it. Hind sight, bad idea
  6. Yeah I was just starting to like the way it looked too. Crazy a years worth of good growth can be wiped in a few hours time. I’ve seen a couple people have it setup like that. Guess I need to join that group It’s within a degree, tested with multiple thermometers. Here’s what total destruction looks like in chart form
  7. Had a 4th of July BBQ at the house yesterday, so before everyone got here I did a quick water change/cleaning on the tank then went on with the day. As I was heading to bed last night I looked at the tank and everything looked terrible. Went and grabbed my phone from the bedroom to see if I had any alerts... temp at 93 degrees. My apex runs my heater and shuts it off at 79.5 degrees, but after my water change when i turned everything on I set it to "On" instead of "auto"😰. Wouldn't have been a big deal if I had my phone on me last night as I would have revived the alerts when the tank hit 80. Pretty much a total loss, every stick besides two are gone, and they might not even make it, every LPS melted including my giant octo and torch, not a single acan made it, most of the zoas and ricordias look okayish. And fish look fine but stressed. I've never crashed a tank before, let alone by me rushing and not paying attention... pretty upsetting had some nice sticks... that are now just sticks 😑
  8. “Trust everything you’re local fish store tells you, especially petco” 😂 Obviously a few exceptions to this
  9. It’s this one. https://current-usa.com/product/orbit-marine-led-2-0-lighting-system-18-24/
  10. Great looking tank, super nice guy, and big frags! Thanks!
  11. Looking good One of my favorite things is vacuuming out the sump. I painted all sides of the sump white except the front so I like when it’s clean 🧽
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