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  1. mytshall

    120 gallon tank break down

    Bump $175. Just want to get this gone
  2. mytshall

    120 gallon tank break down

    Sorry the tank and stand. Which is what I'm trying to move first before I start selling the components
  3. mytshall

    120 gallon tank break down

    Bump. $250
  4. mytshall

    120 gallon tank break down

    I'm pretty sure they are 3/4 inch
  5. mytshall

    120 gallon tank break down

    Just waiting to sell the tank before I start letting the other items go.
  6. mytshall

    120 gallon tank break down

    Somebody asked about the whole set up price and I would do $2000. There's a bunch other stuff that's not listed but it would include everything. all of the equipment was high-end it was purchased
  7. mytshall

    120 gallon tank break down

    $2/lb and I have some nice pieces
  8. mytshall

    120 gallon tank break down

    I'm in inner se Portland. I Want to give who's ever buying the tank first priority on the equipment. But once the tank sells I will price the other stuff. I will start selling the rock now though if anyone needs some.
  9. 4x2x2 acrylic tank and stand $300 Overall the tank and stand looks good. I've had it for several years and there are some small scratches on the acrylic but nothing that couldn't be buffed out. Also some water damage to the stand but from the exterior you wouldn't know their is any problems. I'll also include the sand from the tank as well. In addition to the tank I will be selling some live rock $2/lb pest free Some additional items that I have that I will need to research pricing or if someone wants to make an offer. (2) MP40's (2) Radions LEDs 1st gen Vertex skimmer will need to figure out which model (2) Sea swirls Apex Controller WXM EB8
  10. mytshall

    PNWMAS borrow program

    Borrowed a fish trap but still interested in at least making this a sticky in the equipment section. Anyone else got stuff to share. I also have a bunch of buckets and a 50 gallon plastic drum(but the top doesn't unscrew just has a 2 inch hole on top.
  11. mytshall

    fish trap

    Thanks for the offers. I got one from Brad (reefjunkie) if his trap doesn't work then I may see if yours is built differently.
  12. mytshall

    PNWMAS borrow program

    I know that the club has a PAR meter but who do we talk to about picking up a couple more useful items for the group. For example I need a fish trap to catch a pesky fish but its not something I need regularly. Maybe this is something that PNWMAS should own. I know that some people around have them and have been willing to share them so maybe even put up a page of who has extra whatever that may be borrowed or used for easy reference. This is also great when people are moving or an emergency happens. This group is a very generous bunch it would just be nice for easy reference a place for people to post what they have for others in the group. I have a 180 gallon plastic tub that i've used just once for my move and is just sitting there without purpose i'd love to share the love.
  13. mytshall

    fish trap

    Does anyone have a fish trap I can borrow?
  14. mytshall

    120g cube tank / frag tank

    Bump still have this and can't fit a patio table outside until its gone.
  15. mytshall

    Anybody have a chalice that looks like this

    I have the sexy watermelon favia and it doesn't look like the picture did.