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  1. I apologize, I posted this and haven't checked since the end of September. With getting married and honeymoon the tank took a back seat. I am back online now and would be happy to give a few people some frags. Thanks, JR
  2. junior

    Junior's 60g

    We like too, but the middle overflow can be difficult aquascape. In the process of contacting companies to build a new tank. The stand was built much larger with an upgrade in mind. I think we are going to have James from Envision build us a new tank with the dimensions 41x34x20 deep. Going to have the overflow on the back with all piping running through it.
  3. junior

    Junior's 60g

    Just of the top of my head... german blue digi yellow digi forest fire digi 2 different tri-color's 2 different blue stags purple monti red monti and an RBTA to make it interesting.
  4. junior

    Junior's 60g

    Bout time we see this thing!!! With the light issue and battling brown wafer algae, I wanted to wait until I had it under control. It's amazing I didn't lose more from the light problem.
  5. These 3 are overgrowing in my tank. Have a few frags of each and happy to give them away or trade them to someone. Thanks, JR
  6. junior

    Junior's 60g

    All pictures are taken with my horrible skill set, so nothing too great. Wish I had the ability to display the great colors. The whole tank, the stand turned out great other than I wish the stain was darker/redder. Tank from the front: Side: One of the many areas that has become a rats nest of corals: The mess that keeps my tank pretty:
  7. junior

    Junior's 60g

    I have been meaning to put up pictures for a very long time, but it just never happened. We are in the process of getting a new tank built but thought I would put up some pictures. My current set-up is mainly SPS with a few softies and LPS thrown in for movement. Also, a few RBTA's that do as they please. Tank: 60g center overflow (30x30x16) 40g Sump Stand: Custom build: metal by spectra and wood wrap by Brian67 Equipment: Custom LED build by NanoBox 5 puck build. Reefkeeper controller Bubble Magnus curve 9 Skimz Monzter CM113 DUO calcium reactor 2 Vortech MP10QDW powerheads Posting pictures on the next post.
  8. junior

    WTR: Any light system for SPS

    Having the same problem again but worse this time. Thought I had it fixed after breaking it all down and soldering all connection. The blue channel was perfect until today. Came home to find the channel completely dead again. Decided it's best to just pay to overnight it to him again. Definitely will not suggest a custom setup from him to anyone. This is going on a year of head aches. I just hope he makes it right this time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. junior

    WTR: Any light system for SPS

    I already have multiple mounts in the ceiling for my led's. I'll send you my phone number and we can discuss if it will work. Once again I thank you enough for helping me.
  10. junior

    WTR: Any light system for SPS

    My tank is 30x30x16.
  11. As some members know I have been having an ongoing issue with my LED lighting system. It has finally reached a point that I have to mail the whole set up back to the manufacturer. This is going to leave my tank dark for at least a week(happened last time I had it done). My tank is full of SPS and anenomes. If they are dark that long I can expect to loose some, and have a lot of browning. It took 6 months to bring the color back last time. I am reaching out to anyone who can help me. If you have a lighting system that can keep my beloved animals alive, I will pay or give you mutliple frags. Currently in my tank is Blue digi, forest fire digi, 3 different tri-colors, multiple millies, 3 different monti caps, encrusting corals, 4 RBA and 1 GBA. There are a few others that I probably missed. Please help me if you can, I will be forever grateful.
  12. junior

    Blue Digi

    Still have a few. Going to clear out space next weekend, and they will either go to a store or trash.
  13. junior

    Any cabinet/stand makers local?

    That is the route I went, and couldn't be happier. I can snap a pic of it, or you are welcome to come take a look.
  14. junior

    Blue Digi

    I apologize, I was offline yesterday. I will be around after 4:00pm today please feel free to text me at 541-602-2474.