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  1. blown65

    ipad vs asus transformer vs xoom

    I have a droid phone and the xoom. Can't wait to ditch both and go back to an Iphone. The Xoom is fine for what I do, but the phone is a POS and glitchy apps. None of my prior apple products had that issue. As for running the way you want comment, that's why they jailbreak them.
  2. blown65

    Oregon/ Southern Wa Reef Shop Google Map!

    Missing Reef Tech in Medford Or. 625 E Jackson St Ste C Medford, Oregon 97504
  3. blown65

    MP40W for sale

    Ill give you 275.00 shipped for it. Can you do paypal? Can you send me a picture or two of it. blown65 at gmail.com
  4. blown65

    Big Tank - Cooling

    pretty much the same on mine. Lighting is open on top, so heat escapes there. I have two computer fans that blow into the cabinet when my Halides are on. Winter time since the house is cooler I just turn the fans off. Keeps pretty balanced.
  5. blown65

    3 pumps forsale

    lol, ya I know. Just wasn't in much of a hurry. The bearings are still fine after the year.
  6. blown65

    3 pumps forsale

    LOL, I know its a year ago, but I never did post on RC or put them on ebay. 110.00 each shipped.
  7. blown65

    Comparison of shipping services

    Makes sense since pretty much every package we ever get thru Fedex is trashed. Always love the delivery guys answer of "Its not packaged correctly" UPS has always done pretty good for us.
  8. blown65

    Reef Octo NW200

    Sorry, havent cleaned it yet but here is a picture.
  9. blown65

    Reef Octo NW200

    older model, Ill get a picture once I clean it some. Just dirty, no cracks or anything like that. Just replaced the pump about a month ago with a Sicce 2500. I have two different needle wheels for it. I believe I have the orig pump also somewhere that was still somewhat working but was pulling high wattage. Probably just needed cleaning but replaced it anyways. Just too small either way for my 300+ gallon setup. 120.00 bucks shipped which is basically the price of the pump and the extra needle-wheel impeller.
  10. blown65

    Skimmer Advice - Go BIG!

    Best skimmer I've ever owned, in just the few days owning it it definitely pulls lots of GUNK!
  11. blown65

    Skimmer Advice - Go BIG!

    Just installed a SRO-5000 external on my 300 gallon and definitely impressed with it. I was way under sized skimmer wise with my old NW200 with the Sicce pump. Would of went with the new XP 5000 skimmer but it was too tall by about 1/2". :(
  12. blown65

    Kalk Injections for killing shrooms

    I've done it with problem stuff, but I did it more of a liquid form, not a paste. You can also use lemon juice, makes it easier since its already made and ready to go. Just dont go crazy trying to do the whole tank at once.
  13. That would be the lightest semi truck ever. LOL My 300 gallon is on my second floor, had a 400 gallon prior. However I have multiple support walls directly underneath. I wouldn't put something like that in the middle of the room with nothing under it.
  14. blown65

    Equitment Question ??????

    I can't remember where I got the two of mine, but this is the brand and model I'm using. No issues. http://salestores.com/gemsou09.html Gem Sound SP-8500
  15. blown65

    Spa tubing-This stuff stinks

    I have quite a bit of in on my 300 gallon, no issues. I don't remember it really smelling all that bad, probably just was out in the heat I'd assume.