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  1. Sorry, I honestly don't think it'll work fitting ReeFi Pendant with your existing light housing. The LED diodes are solder on customized metal core PCB which needs to be cool. The pendant heatsink is over 3" tall. Your depth is less than 2".
  2. We're filling Trademark for the individual reflectors, calling them ReeFlectors TM.
  3. This is how I started with V1: http://www.reefi-lab.com/index.php/about-us/ I have BS in computer engineering and MS in EE from GA Tech. My brother has a factory in China that does mostly plant stands and planter baskets (garden accessories). I've worked for Intel for 8-9 years then helped my brother for a few years to understand manufacturing, importing and exporting. Later decided to do something that I'm interested in.
  4. Yeah.. V1 was initial designed form my 24"x24" cube tank. I've designed the V2 to be able to hang higher without worry about light bleeds. 2 over your 125 should cover nicely.
  5. If you're planning to get SPS, I would seriously reconsider getting the ai prime hd. With only 13 diodes, you're going to get the PAR needed for SPS, maybe their Hydra 26 HD would be better choice vs the Prime HD. Dollor per LED, ReeFi still got it beat.
  6. Link should go the home page: http://www.reefi-lab.com Who should I contact to get that fixed?
  7. Reefer 350 is almost 4ft long. If you're doing softies and LPS, 1 unit is good if you can hang it 24+" above the waterline. For SPS, I would recommend 2 units to prevent shadowing.
  8. When will these be available? They are schedule to ship in container ship on May 20th and takes about 40 days to clear custom and land at warehouse. I will finish assembly them around June 30th or so and will fulfill orders early July. I will update my website to take pre-orders. There will be pre-order discounts but unfortunately there's a high chance tariff going from 10% to 25%, I can not set the pre-order discounts just yet. Thanks for understanding. Daniel
  9. @Lexinverts and @Optimusprime3605: Thank you guys for posting pictures of your tanks with ReeFi LED V2 Extremes. My tank have suffered from my extended trips away so I appreciate you guys showing how your corals look. @CrabbyCrabs: I will have 2 models, ReeFi LED V2 Extreme (72 diodes) and Deluxe (48 diodes). The Deluxe model is on par with EcoTech's XR30W G4 PRO (46 diodes). The retail for ReeFi LED V2 Extreme is $750 and Deluxe is $650. So the Deluxe is the same as XR30W G4 PRO at 22% less cost ($190 savings). For anyone that currently owns original ReeFi LED Pendant and want to upgrade, I will have "trade-in" value of $125 toward purchase of V2 Extreme. However, you don't have to send in your original ReeFi LED Pendant, so you can still use it if you like. I'm calling it "trade-in" program so it's good for anyone who currently owns ReeFi LED Pendant. Also, this will end the warranty for the ReeFi LED Pendants. I will still service them if I have spare parts and will charge a small fee. Here are specs : ReeFi LED V2 Extreme ReeFi LED v2 Deluxe retail $750 $650 watts 216 144 leds 72 48 400nm 8 6 420nm 8 6 435nm 12 8 450nm 12 8 470nm 12 8 Lime 4 2 PC Amber 4 2 3000K 4 2 6500K 8 6 Extreme have 9 channels (one for each color type), whereas Deluxe have 6 channels (Lime, PC Amber, and 3000K are grouped together. 400nm and 420nm are also group together.). Individual diode reflectors to keep lights in your tank and won't blind you with light bleed. No optical lens is used to cheat depth penetration. This is one of my favorite upgrade. Both models are WIFI enabled and can be controlled from any web browser. If you have multiple ones, you can group them for master control from one unit. You can control the max temp of the diodes with different fan cooling profiles. All cooling profile will keep LED diodes below 90C. LED can operate without long term damage up to 100C but output is brightest when under 70C. Temperature protection will kick in when temp exceed 90C. Web interface and software firmware can be updated over the internet wirelessly.
  10. Here's a video to show all the color spectrums. Can't wait to get these over my tanks and start my coral collection over again. Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
  11. After weeks and maybe months of drama, the first components I was sure to get first, came in last. So the company that I visited over a year ago tricked me that they are a PCB factory, but in reality they're just a trading company. When I visited "their factory", apparently they just go borrow someone factory and pretend to work there. So I am told this is very common in China. I guess that's not necessary a problem if we agreed on the cost and they have value added with their service. Unfortunately, this was not the case. The person that communicated between me and the actual factory have zero technical background. 90% of what she told me is possible turns out not being the case. This results in time for rework and more mistakes being made. Unfortunately, I had already prepaid in full so not getting that back. After much headaches, I'm now working directly with the factory engineer. Last week I spend two days on site getting him up to speed on testing my product to ensure all my issues are resolved. Yesterday, I finally got the first batch of the last pieces to my ReeFi LED v2. It took a few tries to figure the order to put it all together without getting thermal paste all over myself. I think I got a few bucks worth of thermal paste all over my hands and ruined my shirt. Those first couple units will go on my personal tank. With all the delays, I've been here almost 2 months (hope all my fishes are still ok). I don't have time to finish all the assembly here in China. I've tested all the components and am finally satisfied with what I got. I will be loading everything in a container or two and ship over sea to US for final assembly. So I guess I need to order Made in USA stickers to put over Made in China. Haha Few weeks ago I was like why did I start this adventure. So much time and money and all the drama and frustrating dealing with manufacturing. Worst is coming back after long trips to my prized arco and gold hammers completely dead. Maybe next time I'll need find a partner here in China that handles searching for custom materials and factories with proper capabilities and who will follow through with sampling, inspection and production. This time around, I did the entire supply chain from special copper on aluminum PCB to CNC heatsink solutions to eco-friendly packaging. So I can pass some of the savings to you guys. I will see how many I can put in my luggage without over weight. Love to demo for you guys to see. Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
  12. So I've setup a VPN server before I left for China, but apparently the Great Firewall can detect VPN packets and blocks them. I read some people have success with proxy over SSH tunnel but I haven't been able to get it to work. My Hong Kong sim card has just expired. No more FB, Google, Whatsapp, Youtube, Netflix. :(
  13. ReeFi LED Gen2 uses newer and faster 2 cores microcontroller which allows more fun things to be done... Just finished initial implementation of asynchronous webserver. I'm bit geeky that I can get so excited about this. Web pages load so much faster without long pauses waiting for graphics, java script, or data to load. Also just implemented ReeFi-LED mesh wifi network. Once setup first unit, additional units will automatically add itself to the mesh network. This make configuration much easier and also extend the range you can place multiple ReeFi LED units (even some outside of your home WiFi range). If you don't have home WiFi, multiple ReeFi units will create a single WiFi SSID to control all units.
  14. Stress testing fan speed vs temp today. At full power and max fan speed, LEDs stay cool at 45C. Will automate the fan to keep LEDs under 70C at lowest possible fan speed to run as silent as possible. Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
  15. Exploring more eco-friendly packaging, trying to eliminate styrofoam. Survived several drop tests at 4ft. Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
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