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  1. Got some new additions to my collection today! I placed them in my frag tank before rearranging my previous corals but still can't get them all to fit in my 50 gal cube LPS garden. When I decided to leave the aluminum film on the styrofoam underneath the tank, I figure it would be good to help light up underside of the frags. Now I see, it's a terrible idea for taking top down coral photos. haha I had to remove some previous favorites to another tank. I don't want to setup a 5th tank so maybe if I decide I can part with some, then I may bring some to coming NW frag fest.
  2. I'm curious if any impact microbiome play once algae have taken hold. For example if you place some live rock from tank 4 to tank 3, will existing algae starve back? Sent from my SM-N975U1 using Tapatalk
  3. I will have 2040 3D parts available on my website soon. If you decide to go with this route, make sure your horizontal 2040 is long enough to sit on top of your 2 vertical 2040.
  4. No, the 2040 profile is different. I ordered the black anodized 2040 aluminum from ZYLtech which are pretty inexpansive. No other hardware is needed. However, you could replace my corner 3D printed part with corner bolt hardware to make it super sturdy. Link to buy 2040 Aluminum profile: http://www.zyltech.com/zyltech-2040-anodized-aluminum-extrusion-pre-cut-lengths-300mm-2000mm/ Below is pic of the model using 2040 and all the 3D printed parts.
  5. Made 3D printed parts to mount ReeFi Duo Extreme on 2040 aluminum profile.
  6. I have some sand left that are unused but the bag was open. You are welcome to it for free and plus I'm in Hillsboro. You''ll probably want to rinse it well before use.
  7. ReeFi Duo Extreme/Deluxe size is: 12.6″L x 8″W x 1.9″H. I'm not familiar with T5 hybrid fixtures. Do you have dimensions for the T5 hybrid fixtures? Just curious if T5 really helps when they are 12+ inches off the water?
  8. You can start with 2 units then add a 3rd if you have lots of big SPS colonies.
  9. Introducing Save $100 for ReeFi Love One of the main pillars of ReeFi mission is to provide best value to our customers. As we explore different ways to promote our new ReeFi Duo Extreme LEDs, what better way to reach wider audience and still be best value than to let our ReeFi users be our voice. If you’re willing to give a little love to ReeFi by tagging @ReeFi in your favorite Facebook reef groups with your experiences and pictures of your reef setup with ReeFi Duo Extreme. Make sure you like ReeFi FB page so you can tag ReeFi. Also share your experiences and pictures of your reef setup with ReeFi Duo Extreme on your favorite reef forum. We would love to see pictures of your corals as they color up and grow progressions with ReeFi. Use the following coupon code to save $100 for each ReeFi Duo Extreme! Save and then Share with coupon: ReeFiLove Oh yeah, if you won the $100 ReeFi GC from raffles, that can be stack on top of this!
  10. Thank you John for hosting and letting me demo my light on your tank. You tank is pretty amazing, so neat and clean both inside and out!! Great seeing everyone after being out of town and missing last few monthly meetings!
  11. Last min... Share the love. Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
  12. Thank you John for the write up!
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