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  1. Yes I agree thank you Dodge for the great frags everything looks really good.
  2. Sounds good I'll check with my wife and see what works better. Thank you!
  3. I'll take # 4 if its still available. I could come out this weekend and pickup if that works.
  4. If you happen to frag again, I would love to grab one from you even if it was just a small piece. Thanks!
  5. I think it really comes down to a stable and consistent parameters.
  6. The 2 hawkfish (1 flame hawk and 1 long nose) are pretty awesome, they will follow you around the tank and watch whatever you are doing.
  7. I have 2 brand new bottles of Brightwell Reef Code A & B (Calcium & Alk supplement) available if anyone is interested. They are 500ml bottles. It looks like the sell for $8.99 on BRS, how about $8.00 each or a cool frag (LPS or softy). I'm in Milwaukie area. Brand new never used!
  8. Just checking in with you on these last 2 corals if they are available.
  9. I will take the Mummy Eye and the small Hammer is they are still available, I will be in Eugene beginning of May if you can hold it for me.
  10. It was the neon green with pink and it was really nice but it does not sound like they want to sell it at this time. Supposedly it came from a local person that has a huge colony of them, maybe someone knows who this is so we could get some heads of it?
  11. Yeah some prices on ebay are insane on torches.
  12. I would love to get a nice variety of them, I was in Cuttle Fish today and they had an green one that they just got in from a trade, not they were not selling it.
  13. Looking for a couple nice frag of torch coral, if you have any please let me know what you have and a picture would be great. Thanks
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