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  1. I was able to find some in a different forum so I no longer need any.
  2. I looking to get some Ulva (sea lettuce) and some Red Olga Macro Algae for my Fuge. Let me know if you have any available. Thanks!
  3. Wondering if you have considered replacing the factory T5 reflectors with the individual ones that are used on diy setups? It looks like the ones on the aquatic life unit are not as good as some of the other ones but its hard to say because they are not like for like. I'm not sure if the individual ones would actually fit. I have the 36" one I'm going to take some measurements and see, just not sure its worth the extra $.
  4. H20cooled

    How to unglue pvc

    I end up throwing the fitting away, this is truly awesome. Thanks!!!
  5. That's a great idea, Tunze just released a submersible light like this for $90 I was thinking it would be good under the algae with a strong light above it. Would give you really good light cover.
  6. I did this on my last tank for the return lines so that I did not have any sharp bends. I just filled the pipes with sand taped both ends and used a heat gun to bend the pipe. It worked great, but not sure if it really helped with the flow that much.
  7. I know that Aquatic Life is working on an upgraded ballast that will allow the T5's to dim and so this might be a good way to do this along with that upgrade.
  8. Sounds good, it might be later just found out I have more to do tomorrow. I'll shoot you a text tomorrow.
  9. Sounds good to me. I will be home tomorrow after 1:30pm.
  10. I'll take the Jebao pp20 from you.
  11. I have a bag with 7.4 lbs of the Nature's Ocean Live Aragonite sand left, it is sealed up and been kept inside, the expiration date on it is Aug 2020 so its still good. It is really nice sand, and does not make a big cloud when added. Free or if you want bring me a nice frag of a cool zoa or LPS. Pickup in Milwaukie.
  12. I have a deal pending for one now. Thank you!
  13. Thanks, I've been keeping an eye on there, they go super fast though.
  14. Looking for a good working Neptune EB8 module. Thanks
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