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Reefing w/ the Kiddos - New member Intro

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Well .....Here is our intro:

1) How did you hear about PNWMAS?   ---  We heard about the group from the staff at Cuttlefish and Corals.

2) How long have you been in the hobby?   ---  This is a bit of a longer answer. I grew up with saltwater tanks, my dad used to take me to Upscales as a kid. My wife and I in the mid 2000s had a multiple mixed reef tanks, we sold them all to remodel our house and then life brought us a child. We tried to get back into the hobby with a small 20 gallon nano AIO and it went well but then kiddo #2 appeared. So that brings us to now.... We have our 2 boys 8 and 9 years old. We started back into the hobby with them as apart of the family reefing team.

3) Who inspired you to start up a tank?   ---   I would say my dad originally, but to restart back into the hobby now its definitely my boys.

4) What size aquariums do you have?   ---   29 gallon Biocube w/ LED retrofit kit and InTank Media basket , 14 gallon Biocube w/ Steve's LED kit and InTank Media basket, Innovative Marine SR80 (currently being built - Still need lighting and powerheads) 

5) What livestock do you have?   ---   Between the 2 tanks we have 2 clowns, 1 green Chromis, 1 Lawnmower blenny, Pink spotted Watchman Goby and a pistol shrimp pair, 1 peppermint shrimp, and a bunch of CUC. As for corals we have variety of Zoas, some mushrooms, a couple types of branching Monti, to much GSP, to much Xenia, Hammer coral, rainbow Monti, Finger Leather, Toadstool, Green Stylo, and a few Favia frags. Needless to say the 29 gallon is wicked packed with coral and we are slowly moving stuff over to the 14.

6) What is your dream fish?   ---   That is a hard question, I would say mine right now is probably a Potter's wrasse. My boys: a Hippo Tang and a Mandarin Goby. My wife really wants a pair of seahorses some day.

7) What is your dream coral?   ---   All of them in many tanks!!!!! We really like Zoas and want a big garden of crazy colors!

😎 Anything else you would like to add?   ---   We are excited to start this adventure as a family. And my boys want to start their own YouTube channel. The 14 gallon is their build and we have done a few videos, but I need to learn to edit some. 



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Welcome!  It's great that your whole family is involved.  

Feel free to post any questions.  There are a lot of very experienced reefers here to help.  Or, just post more photos...we love photos!

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